The years of its stakeholders in the legal profession, which ranged above 100 years cumulatively, has eminently placed Wiseview Legal Consultancy at a vantage position as a phenomenon in Nigeria’s jurisprudence.
Its name and location have immediately galvanized and spurred the frontiers of its business as its clients cut across the wealthy, upwardly mobile professionals, corporate and individual in every strata and spectrum of the society.
 Its soothing balm of corporate social responsibility has also cemented its bond with not only its immediate communities, corporate and individual clients as well as the have-nots in Nigeria, but also corporate and individuals in Europe and America, especially in the United States and the United Kingdom.
Established by  Justice George Oguntade, JSC (RTD), as a legal consultancy firm on April 19, 2010, Wiseview Legal Consultancy, in all its essence, has continued to loom larger than life within a decade of its existence.
Planted as a mustard seed, on the Oceanside of Lekki Phase 1, Victoria Island, the erudite Justice, who had made indelible milestones with landmark judgments on the bench up to the Supreme Court of Nigeria, began the consultancy firm without a partner.
He was supported with only the services of two lawyers as staff; a secretary and a few administrative staff.
 However, overtime, more lawyers have joined the firm and today, the firm has 20 lawyers who are actively engaged and ensure that clients have more benefits for their legal fee.
According to George Oguntade, SAN, a co-lead consultant with Mrs. Abosede Oguntade-Oworu, “We have been able to resolve a lot of disputes, particularly as they relate to land and property cases in all states of the South-West; amongst families, state governments and corporate organizations.”
Indeed, Wiseview has packed activities that would ordinarily last a century for some other organizations into its 10 years existence. This was made possible especially with the experience of its founding principal consultant, having been a quintessential jurist and an authority in law who continues to provide expert opinions to top tier law firms, corporations and state governments in Nigeria, and also in courts in the United Kingdom and the United States.
On the firm’s range of services, the co-lead consultant expatiates: “Yes, we do a lot of Mediation, Arbitration and other Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanisms. When clients approach us with certain disputes, our first point of call is to invite parties involved to see how best we can mediate.”
Indeed, the Founding Principal Consultant, with his deep and distinguished knowledge as a certified arbitrator, has proved to being immensely advantageous to the consultancy firm.
Retired Justice Oguntade has sat on numerous arbitral panels, including arbitration panel in resolving the dispute between British Airways and the Nigerian authorities and a Sole Arbitrator in several arbitral proceedings, He has also been invited to sit on different Standing Tribunals as Chairman, including tribunal related to stock broking and banking.
However, during the Justice Oguntade’s appointment as Nigeria’s High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, the organization managed to weather the storm, although his presence was greatly felt.
They managed to fill the vacuum, especially as there were many eminent senior consultants with many years of professional practice and experience.
“We were able to hold forth as we had the support from our senior consultants such as George Oguntade, SAN, Mrs. Abosede Oguntade-Oworu, Mrs. Adedoyin Bosuro amongst others,” a lawyer in the firm said.
The co-lead consultant said it may be difficult to completely list all the achievements of the firm. “But when you limit this to our immediate community, I readily remember some.
One of which is our involvement in the resolution of several cases involving communities like the Odoragushi community, which resolution is being concluded now.
The Odoragushi community is home to at least 250 residents whose properties were demolished by the Lagos State Government many years ago; they were expectedly aggrieved and we were able to bridge the communication gap and resolve the issues between the community and the Lagos State Government.
We have always been instrumental in ensuring the peaceful co-existence among members of different communities and villages in Ibeju-Lekki on Victoria Island, Lagos. We have also been instrumental in terms of our legal opinions and expert advice to entities involved in different production sharing contracts in the Oil and Gas Industry; also in courts outside Nigeria which has led to decisions where laws concerning specific areas are better understood and held forth and firm,” he explained.
He said no doubt, Wiseview may be only 11 years old, “in spirit, we are as old as 90. And as they say ‘there is wisdom in the grey hair.’ Even though we are 11years old as a firm, the individual and collective experience of members of the team in the firm are enormous.”
On challenges facing the firm, he said, “There are truly a lot of challenges. But with the level of expertise from our consultants, we can only hope to surmount most of them.
Some of these challenges range from some clients wanting matters done pro-bono. In as much as we have dedicated about 50% of our practice to pro-bono cases of indigent clients, we realize that even clients that are seen and known to be able to afford to pay for our services try to hide under the cover of been an ‘indigent client.’ This, therefore, leaves us to run on a very lean scaled budget.
“We also have challenges in areas where everyone believes that since the Founding Principal Consultant is like a father to all, he should not be seen to hold a position that would be tantamount to taking a side. Meanwhile, he has a right to have a position in any matter or case that we are faced with.”
On what he would call the firm’s core areas of practice, he said, “We are a full range service law firm, based in diverse areas of law such as: General Litigation & Dispute Resolution, Corporate/Commercial Law, Entertainment & Intellectual Property Law, Energy Law and Company Secretarial Duties.”
He said other legal firms continue to benefit from them, especially from the quintessential and deep knowledge of the law of their Founding Principal Consultant, Justice Oguntade.
“Yes. I can attest to the fact that numerous lawyers, including Senior Advocates and professors of law have benefited from his wealth of experience. A lot of times when they are faced with challenges and difficulties in matters they are handling, they reach out to him to ask for expert advice and guidance and he is usually very willing and ready to help,” he declared.


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