Recently, many women prefer going natural in their looks but having a great challenge on how to apply light makeup that will give them the perfect beauty.
No doubt that finding the right makeup to wear for a natural look can be more complex than you think.

You don’t want anything too cakey, too bright, or too dark.
Again looking natural does indeed require some makeup application – and some skill, too. The best tip is to wear colors close to your natural skin tone, and ones that just enhance and perfect your skin.
For your best natural look, follow the tips and tricks below. This also required you buying and using some of these products mentioned below:

1. Moisturize. Creating the perfect base for your makeup is very important. Moisturizer benefits your skin by hydrating, and promotes anti-aging benefits. It will even out your skin texture creating a perfect palette to begin your makeup routine.

2. Conceal. Hide away any dark circles, fine lines or blemishes with a concealer. This will get rid of any imperfections and leave your skin looking flawless.

3. Powder or light foundation. It is ideally to use a powder or an airy liquid foundation. Using cakey makeup does not fit the bill. Be sure to apply evenly with a brush or sponge for an even, non-streaky, look and your face will appear naturally perfect.

4. Subtle blush. Creme blushes work well because you can rub them in as much as you like for a dramatic or subtle look. Depending on your skin color, blush colors will vary – but peaches tend to look great on everyone. Blend in to your natural cheekbone line where pink undertones normally show.

5. Neutral shadows. Sweep a neutral color over your lids for a muted but beautiful eye. Choose a color that is just a shade or two darker than your skin tone, anything too dark will create a more dramatic eye and won’t look natural.

6. Nude lip. When choosing a lip color, go for the light pinks, peaches and sand colors. You could also apply a little gloss for an even simpler lip.

7. Little mascara (optional). A thin layer of mascara is all you need for a natural look. You still want your eyes to stand out, so if you have light lashes, adding a layer of mascara may be a good idea. If you naturally have dark, full lashes you may skip out on the mascara.
8. No liner. While eyeliner is great for a dramatic eye, it doesn’t fit with the natural makeup look. Don’t apply any eyeliner on the top or bottom. Not only will your face look naturally stunning but you will love how easy taking off your makeup is.