2023: Ego war between incumbent, past govs placing APC chances at jeopardy – Adamu


By Lanre Oloyede

As the battle for 2023 general elections hits up, National Chairman of All Progressives Congress, APC, Senator Abdullahi Adamu, has warned that the war of attrition between incumbent and past governors of the party may jeopardize it’s chances of success in the elections.

Adamu gave the warning Wednesday at the maiden meeting of the National Executive Committee, NEC, of APC held at Transcorp Hilton hotel Abuja.

The former Nasarawa State governor, who recently served the party as the chairman reconciliation committee before being adopted as the consensus chairmanship candidate in last month’s national convention of APC, equally warned that the party stood a chance to experience what befell the opposition Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in 2015 general elections if it fails to quickly puts it’s house in order.

“I know Mr President is not unmindful of what happened to PDP in 2014/2015, our party is not immune to similar fate should it conduct itself in such a way that continues to undermine the legacy of the founding fathers to build this party.

“I was the chairman of the reconciliation committee and came out of the assignment fully conversant of the problems. The battle rarely is a battle for supremacy between serving state governors and their predecessors in office. It is a crisis fuel by ego. So ego is the enemy. Ego between former and serving governors, ego has turned them into bitter enemies. Because of ego the two groups are putting our party in jeopardy and the effect will be in the polls next year.

“The serving governors and past governors are powerful men, each of them are leaders in there own right in there states but when two elephants fight the grass suffers. Similarly, when two powerful politicians fight the party suffers. Because the speech and actions of these powerful men will bring a filthy and odious stench to our party.

“Our party must have the courage not to play lip service about it but the serving governors of our party in there various states are the leaders of the party and this is in line with our party’s constitution. It is important that the former governors recognize that the party structure must be respected. Our party’s constitution makes no room for two party leaders in a state. Their is no reason to compete with serving governors for the leadership of the party,” Adamu stated.