LG Technology helping families reduce food waste at Ramadan


By Kehinde Ibrahim Lagos

LG Electronics has said its innovative technology is helping families eat healthier and reduce food wastage during Ramadan.

According to the general manager, Home Appliances Division, LG Electronics West Africa, Mr. Brian Kang, LG is committed to not just helping people eat healthy, but reducing food waste.

He said, “Food waste is a known issue during Ramadan, and. We are leading the way with our green, smart and innovative refrigerators that feature advanced convenient, time-saving and consumer-centric technologies in unmatched designs. We will keep offering user-friendly products that offer our customers convenience, and benefit their overall health and productivity.

“At LG, we aim to create convenient solutions to meet the needs of everyone in the home. We want to help create happy family moments this Ramadan, and we are wholly invested in identifying the daily moments where families need our technology the most. Our appliances are designed to be smart, safe, convenient and time-saving, so everyone can enjoy more quality time at home”, he stated.

The company said in a statement that global food waste is a massive issue with huge financial, ethical, and environmental costs. An estimated 1.3 billion tonnes of food is wasted globally each year, one third of all food produced for human consumption, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations.

‘‘In Sub-Saharan Africa, post-harvest food losses are estimated to be worth USD 4 billion per year – or enough to feed at least 48 million people, according to the UN Environment Programme. The amount of food lost or wasted costs 2.6 trillion USD each year and is more than enough to feed the world’s 815 million hungry people four times over.

‘‘During the month of Ramadan, trends have also shown that people tend to buy more food items than their normal requirements for self-consumption and hosting of guests. Due to the limited quantity of food to be consumed by people this additional quantity of cooked or made food becomes waste as Iftar is not usually eaten as night snacks or as Suhoor the next day. The demand for fresh food increases as majority of people are willing to spend an extra amount for the better quality of food.

One global brand that have continuously rethink how food wastage can be better managed is home appliance leader, LG Electronics. LG’s never-ending quest to innovate its refrigerators and other home appliances has also led to the development of other technologies designed to create more efficient experiences,’’ the company said in a statement.