2023: Women activist, Adedayo, Ugorji pick APC nomination forms


By Lanre Oloyede

Seasoned entrepreneur and women activist, Mrs Dayo Benjamins-Laniyi, on Wednesday pick her nomination and expression of interest form at the national Secretariat of APC to contest the only senatorial seat in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

Mrs Benjamins-Laniyi, who is also famous for her advocacy and empowerment of women and the girl child through her various initiatives and programmes, said she was in the race to represent the rights of women to be on the ballot box to run and to win .

Addressing a press conference after purchasing the form, Mrs Benjamins-Laniyi said she would made an impact in the Senate by influencing legislations that will allow women fulfill their dreams and life potentials.

Also at the Buhari house to obtain his expression of interest and nomination form to represent Umuaihia South, Abia State in the house of Representatives was Mr Mark Obisike Ugorji.

Mr Ugorji promised to give good representation to his people by sponsoring people-friendly bills that will benefit his people.

“What I can offer is good representation for my People. I won’t be somebody that will go there and be watching other legislators and I will not make impact. I’m somebody that anytime I go into a new project, I study the environment and understand what is there and I will join my colleagues to ensure that Abians to benefit from my representation especially the people of Nkwaino Umuaihia constituency, they are going to benefit through my representation at the national assembly.

“Before I decided to jettison my ambition for house of Representatives I was gunning for governoship of the State and I have 17 local government coordinators from that local government to the ward from the ward to the unit, so these people now I am going to carry all of them to high chief Ike Emenike to ensure that he wins the election. I have done several projects in including giving cars to people, to party, I have empowered people.

“I have the love of people at heart and I also believe that if I go to the federal house of Representatives I will do more,” he said.

Speaking on the chances of APC in Abia State and the mode of primary he preferred, he said, “The issue of primaries is left for the party to decide. Whatever they decide on is what we will follow.

“Concerning chances, APC has good chances in Abia State. Because the people do not want PDP any longer. PDP has failed the State so they want a new wine in a new bottle. Ikechi Emenike is a new wine in a new bottle for Abia State to go into the hands of APC. With what president Muhammadu Buhari has done I know Emenike will do better Because our state is yearning for change and that change must come through Ikechi Emenike.”

On the Division in Abia APC, Mr Ugorji said,” We are coming together, everybody will join Ikechi Emenike. Our party is United in Abia State. If you check the last Congress conducted even the convention it was the team that Ikechi Emenike produced that came to Abuja for the convention. So, any other person that is telling you that he’s not part of Ikechi Emenike camp is lying because APC is one in Abia. We don’t see any faction. There’s no faction in Abia State. The only people that say they are not part of Ikechi Emenike are those who work for PDP in the night and for APC in the day. So we want people to come together.”