Fashionbox promises to give adequate customer service


By Palma Ileye

Fashionbox owner, Enebeli Stephanie Adaeze at the official launch of the fashion house has said it promises to make a stand in Nigeria and Africa while promising that it will ensure adequate customer care service as it will tend to market themselves more to the middle class generally while they gravitate towards engaging in multiple distributions and retailer stores with strict observances to consumers trends and needs which will in turn brings out the right feelings.

The brand according to Stephanie Enebeli which was launched with an estimate of N2.5m is all about creating the outburst of right soothing emotions, “the feelings you get after each purchase plays a big role in generating sales and satisfaction.”

She said that Fashionbox will also tends to create a relationship with it’s customers whereby their opinion counts saying “here we have them suggest what they would love to see on the page /website answering their questions and responding to their queries quickly this helps in creating a suitable shopping relationship with the brand.

“We are objective to creating a memory shopping experience with our diverse range of products for our customers for different situations and seasons providing upgrades to existing products/addition new version of existing products fashion Refinement fashion revolution.

“Fashionbox is not confirmed to a particular fashion trend thus we spread our tetanus accepting a wide range of individual as the sole aim is welcoming every individual/ significant to make us happy our services includes summer clothing,swimsuits,sunglasses sun hats, kids wears, party wear,contemporary wear, corporate wear,slippers, bags and more for explanation we want an exciting unending shopping experience this we will achieve through the growth of new potential designs as on product reaches its life cycle another one begins with massive growth potential this will keep you glued to the brand will taking a long walk in the fashion world so the business never becomes obsolete,” she informed.

She added that the concept is also aimed promoting Nigerian and African fashion concepts explaining that “it is all about what the fashion house hopes to achieve. This will help to change to some extent the narrative that Nigerian youths are lazy and even creating job and career opportunities for teeming youths.”