NYCN launches Youth-RUN Campaign project in Abuja


By Aaron Ossai

National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN), an umbrella organization for all youths across the country with a mandate for protecting and championing the interests of Nigerian youths launched the Youth Rising for a United Nigeria (Youth-RUN) project in Abuja as a vehicle to fast track youths involvement and participation in the forthcoming general elections.

Speaking during the launch, NYCN President, Mr. Solomon Adodo frowned at the hypocrisy of politicians both in the mainstream political party and the opposition who are going about promising Nigerians heaven and earth while they have failed to synergize with the present administration to make Nigeria better but are suddenly offering solutions to all the problems ravaging the country.

“As we rapidly approach the 2023 general elections and with the party primaries just a few days away, Nigerian youths have watched with deep chagrin the ostrich styled hypocrisy of most our politicians particularly those running for the presidency who now claim to be sudden alchemists with the total solutions to Nigeria’s problems and a road map to Eldorado.

“We have it on record that most of these politicians particularly those in the mainstream political party have been deliberately sabotaging the government of President Muhammadu Buhari from within while the opposition politicians have been working assiduously to fan the embers of insecurity, disunity and disintegration of our dear nation – Nigeria.

“It is surprising why this crop of leaders could not support and partner with Mr. President to achieve a better and greater Nigeria even now. Must we wait for 2023 to have the solutions to unemployment, insecurity and the quest for national cohesion?” the statement queried.

The Council equally noted that the youths have been utterly neglected in the rounds of consultations over this anticipated better Nigeria while paying lip service to youth inclusion even as the country is becoming polarized along ethnic and religious lines, a situation NYCN has vowed to reverse by honing the focus of the Nigerian Youth on the prime needs of the nation at this time and always to in the areas of good leadership, a stable and prosperous economy as well as security.

“We have therefore come up with this noble concept of the Youth-RUN Campaign which translates to Youth Rising for a United Nigeria as a vehicle for attaining the Nigeria of our dreams.

“The objectives of the Youth-RUN Campaign are to mobilize youths towards the 2022 general elections by registering and obtaining PVCs, seek patriotic leaders who can unite the country, encourage and support young and visionary aspirants and to ensure an end to the challenge of unemployment and poverty.

“To strengthen partnership between the political class, the business class and international development partners to tap into the youth potentials for rapid economic growth and development, to discourage secessionist, terrorists and other criminal acts amongst Nigerian youths as well as partnering with security agencies to bring an end to insecurity in the country and sundry acts of blackmail against the office of the National Security Adviser” Adodo noted.