YIAGA moves to tackle Africa’s leadership crisis


By Naomi Douglas

Civil society organisation, Yiaga Africa, has said the major problem of Africa as a continent is leadership and has therefore stepped in to close the gap through its Community Organising Institute.

The CSO which is currently training youths under the age of 30, selected from different countries of Africa including: The Gambia, Liberia, Cameroon and Ghana, said it believed those trained will be agents of change and inspire positive movement.

Speaking during the commencement of the training in Abuja, the director of programmes, Yiaga Africa, Cynthia Nbamalu, said Nigeria and the entire Africa will be better if leadership problem is solved.

“I am very impressed and happy with what is happening today in Nigeria. If we solve the leadership problem in Africa, we have been able to solve more than 90 percent of our problems.

“If you don’t have leaders who know who they are, who don’t have the identity to know what it takes to be a leader, they can fall for anything.

It means they will not connect with their people. It means whatever comes, they can shift groups at any time because they don’t have values that guide them,” Cynthia said of the programme that is supported by the National Endowment for Democracy NED based in Washington DC.