APC’s Political Fortress In North Gone As NNPP Captures Kano


By Abdulmalik Suleiman

The desire of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) to remain in power beyond 2023 seems to be evaporating into thin air by the day.

From all indications it would be a mere wishful thinking for anyone to think that the ruling party can stage a rebound from the manifest setbacks it has suffered in it’s major stronghold in the last few weeks.

Political analysts have even concluded that the series of setbacks of the APC, particularly in the North where it hold sway will continue to the forthcoming general election.

Those who hold on to this believe cite the case of Kano, where many chieftain of the APC are leaving the party in droves for the NNPP.

For instance, a former governor of the state and current Senator representing Kano Central District, Mallam Ibrahim Shekarau alongside his teeming supporters are on their way out of the APC.

Shekarau is a major factor in Kano politics and his imminent defect is expected to do a lot of damage to the APC in the state.

Another key APC stalwarts who has left the APC are former member of the Federal House of Representatives, Hon. Abdulmumini Jubrin, Hon Alhassan Rurum

Apart from this, scores of federal and state lawmakers have been dumping the APC like hot potatoes for the NNPP.

It is however envisaged that scores of major political gladiators in the state will also join the train after the forthcoming special delegate convention of the APC.

The implication of all these is not lost on observers who are of the believe that the political happenings in Kano will have concurrent efforts on the voting pattern in the entire North.

This assertion is premised on the fact that the political barometer of the North is gauged by the happenings in Kano.

Simply put, Kano State is the political compass of the North and that fact is not expected to change in the build up to the forthcoming general election.

The trend also has a wider implication for the APC because of the fact that North which is its traditional fortress is lost to NNPP, it would be difficult to cover up in the North-central and the South where its main rival, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) seems dominant.

When and if that happens, APC will as a matter of fact kiss power good bye in 2023.