Arrest And Detention Of The Accountant General Of The Federation And Imminent Collapse Of The Nigerian 4th Republic


The arrest and detention of the serving Account General of the failed “British Republic” of Nigeria Ahmed Idris on the suspicion of N80b fraud by Nigeria’s Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, would not come as a surprise to many objective analysts of the government and politics of Nigeria from the annexation of Lagos Crown Territory, under the threat of force by Commander Beddingfield of HMS Prometheus, on behalf of Her Royal Majesty and the British Empire, in the accompany of the Acting British Consul, William McCoskry on August 6, 1861. For me, this is only the beginning of the long journey towards the end of this poorly crafted and coupled contraption, as well as unjustly balanced and bloody British Enterprise referred to as the “Federal” Republic of Nigeria.

Presently, Nigerian university students and their Professors are languishing in their homes due to lack of funds, whereas the politicians who were clandestinely and corruptly enthroned in government by these same Professors serving as Returning Officers, led by the Chief Returning Officer and Chairman of the electoral management agency – INEC (also a Professor), during general elections in Nigeria; flagrantly display billions of dollars, which many believe are proceeds of unprecedented malfeasance and outright treasury looting, in the name of political party nomination forms and electioneering campaign. Ironically these unscrupulous Professors and their poor innocent Nigerian students, as well as the quality of education and research vital for national development, are the biggest casualties; as the the country hemorrhages towards extinction, whilst the politicians fights dirty.

However, the heads of sensitive and strategic income generating and management agencies of state such office of the Finance Minister, Central Bank of Nigeria, Federal Inland Revenue Services, Customs, National Maritime Management Agency – NIMASA, Nigerian Ports Authority, Nigeria Petroleum Company (whatever that is left of the former NNPC) may not be spared in the dirty political dog fight which may also drag the Chairman of INEC as well as the Attorney-General of the Federation into the arena. Thus, the highy kleptocratic and diabolical activities of the Buhari led government of collapsing British Republic of Nigeria may be finally exposed in the course of the emerging political dogfight, as the much beleaguered British Commonwealth country slowly grinds towards it’s defining year, with the possibility of an inconclusive Presidential election that will culminate in a failed republic, due to possible failed power transition by the ruling central government of Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd), come May 29, 2023.

Regardless of the outcome of present political events, the unity, demographics and constitution of this former British colony in the West African Coast must be renegotiated for peace, stability and development of the various ethnic nationalities at the subnational level or disintegrate into smaller, manageable and progressive nation states.

Charles Obinna Chukwunaru, PhD