National children conference: Our agenda is to bring children together – Adebayo


By Naomi Douglas

Project coordinator of Little Miss Nigeria, Mr Ayomide Adebayo has disclosed that the new project birthed is an effort to bring children all over the country together in deliberating on relevant topical matters in the society.

He made this known in a speech delivered at the median edition of the new project called National Children Conference held in Abuja recently.

According to him, the motive behind this project is to see how they can bring children around the country together to discuss on relevant issues and also recognize individuals that has been doing alot to the growth of children in the society.

“The motive behind this is to bring children together from all over the country, and have them deliberate on national topical issues”.

Adebayo added that “Our goal is simple, but yet extremely important to national development; as commendations would go a long way to motivating those with good intentions to also render their services to serving the children”.

In the speech, he emphasized how important for the society to take care of the present, that is the children of these days because it is the present that will bring forth what the future holds in store.

“The present they say is what propel us into the future, and also stands as valid determinant of what to expect in nearest time”.

“This is why we as a society have to take upbringing of every children extremely serious; as the responsibility of raising a child does not solely lay with the parents” he added.

Furthermore, he stressed how miss Nigeria project has been trying their best in caring for children especially the girl child that is considered weak in the society for the past five years.

Subsequently, at the end of the conference several awards were given out.