Wednesday, August 10, 2022
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NACC urges Nigerian exporters to take advantage of AGOA

Nigerian American Chamber of Commerce (NACC) Abuja Chapter has called on all Shippers to take advantage of the window provided by the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) Programme to boost trade between Nigeria and the United States of America

The Executive Secretary of NACC Abuja Chapter, Mr. Ayo Salaam disclosed that Nigerian companies have not taken advantage of the AGOA because they export mainly oil to the United States.

The AGOA forum is one of the key components of U.S African strategy that focuses on increasing the United States Trade and Investment in Africa as a mechanism for job creation within the continent.

“The AGOA project initiated by the United States of America in 2000 was to help develop trade and facilitate exporting over 6000 goods into America with no tariff. The trade agreement primarily set up to simulate the African economy covered 15 years, and has since elapsed in 2015. However, Nigeria and other countries on the programme have been given a second chance when the programme was extended by another 10 years”, he said.

Mr. Salaam added that it is only exporters that can liberate Nigeria from the present economic slavery through focus on exportation of non-oil products.

“It is good for the citizens to know that economic independence is as important as political independence. For the country to be economically free, we must advocate alternative areas of exportation different from oil”, he added.

Speaking at the event, a diplomat, Ambassador Bayo Idowu, encouraged all shippers to leverage on the AGOA partnership.

He said NACC is always accessible to render support to shippers in the country.

“We are readily available to provide assistance and advice on how Nigerian products can be accepted in the American market. We will advise the government on possible solutions regarding coastal transport between Nigeria and America”.

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