APC, PDP are the problem of Nigeria – SDP Presidential candidate, Adebayo


Mike Odiakose

Presidential candidate of the Social Democratic Party, SDP, Prince Adewole Adebayo, has fingered the All Progressives Congress, APC and Peoples Democratic Party, PDP as mainly the problems of Nigeria which must get it rid off, if the country wants to progress and compete among comity of nations.

He said the present government is dishonest with the people, and according to him, the resources are stolen and wasted to the detriment of the downtrodden.

“The government cannot secure the people, it cannot secure its health, and it cannot administer or husband the resources of the country. People who are supposed to be the gathering of accountability are actually thieves – the Accountant General of the Federation is being accused by his own government of stealing billions of naira. And the Governor of the Central Bank is playing poker with the public trying to run for office or the other. the government is not neat, it’s unprepared. In terms of security, the government cannot secure itself, religious houses cannot be secured. So nothing works,” he said.

Adebayo made these accusations while appearing on a television programme during the weekend.

He said the Federal Government balance sheet is laced with fraud which is why 80% of the country’s crude is stolen and nobody gives account.

According to him, “What they call a budget is fraud mainly. The balance sheet is full of wrong entries.

“Majority of Nigerian resources are stolen, they don’t enter into the book at all. Right now, you will see that the crude oil price is rising.

“Russia that is at war, besieged by many enemies, has its currency rising, ours is going down. People who are running elections or doing primaries have more access to dollars than industries.

“If you look at the books they are keeping are false and outdated books; if you look at the medium term expenditure framework that they write, you will think that Nigeria has a population of 20 million and we are still in 1964.

“Majority of the money is kept away outside the books. If you must audit the government books, you go audit it with the mind of a criminal investigator. You don’t just look at it like you just studied Accounting 101.

You look at the way they do procurement, there’s no way the country will not be bankrupt with that level of procurement”.

Unlike the present administration, Adebayo said if he is given the opportunity to run the affairs of the country, he will not keep bad books nor would he steal from the government as it is presently is the norm.

“I am not going to keep bad books like they are keeping. I am not going to steal the money.

“What I will do differently is to make sure that people in my government are not profiting and benefiting from insecurity. Whether you call it ISWAP, you call it Boko Haram, you call it whatever name.

“So, in terms of intelligence, in terms of running security, right now, they have politicised the office of the NSA.

“So you can’t have proper intelligence because much of the intelligence is used for regime survival.

“So we would do our things differently to see that offices that are created are not used for politics, but are used to make sure that the infrastructures of the state are run very well”,he stated.