CAN rejects alledge move to fix running mates from same religion


By Palma Ileye

Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, has rejected alleged move from any political party to fix Presidential running mates from same religion.

At a News briefing in Abuja on the State of the Nation, the National Chairman of Youth Wing Christian Association of Nigeria, Mr Belusochukwu Enwere noted that any party intends to enforce to field candidates of same religious should desist from such move, for equity, fairness and rapid development across the country.

Enwere said Nigeria was a secular nation and therefore solicited Nigerian Youth irrespective of their faith to vote for credible and competent candidates come in 2023 Elections.

He said, “The call for a Muslim-Muslim ticket by certain individual is callous and deceptive, a move to with sinister agenda. A true definition of bigotry. It is a slap on the entire Christiandom. A ploy to distabilize the nation.

“This is an insults that devalues, and dehumanizes millions of Christians. Any political party that fields a Muslim /Muslim ticket or Christian/Christian ticket should know

“Are you telling Nigerians that there is no compitent Northern Christian that can be in a position of trust?

“Does it implies that northern Christians are not regarded as northerners. If we claim that we are together and the north is United as the northerners makes us to believe, then the should have no reason to reject a northerners because he or she is a Christian There is no other time better than for northern brothers to prove to us that the are one.”

The youth leader urged that there should be religious balance which will help to foster unity and peaceful coexistence in the country.

“In the spiritual of ethno-religious balancing and to foster integration and national unity amongst all tribes and religion, Nigeria needs oneness and togetherness,” he continued.

He also called for proactive measures towards addressing attacks on worshippers across the country.