2023: Ndigbo are the architect of their misfortune – Prophet Azuzu


Dr. Ramas Asuzu, is a traditionalist and the Supreme Commander of the Liberation Temple of the Absolute God, situated at his country home, ancient Nri kingdom, a place popularly known as the cradle of Igbo civilization and custodian of traditional heritage, in Anaocha local government area of Anambra state.

He spoken on varied issues bothering on the existence of Nigeria entity, particularly the insecurity, the emergence of next President among others. Tony Oraeki anchored the interview. Excerpts:

Primary elections have come and gone among the political parties, which of these candidates do you think the gods are in support of delivering Nigeria from the present shackles of poverty?

I thank God that we are still alive in Nigeria for the fact there are people that wish to terminate our lives by fair or foul means.

That we witnessed the processes of the presidential primaries was by the special grace of God. Even before the primaries, I had been in contact with the Oracles, asking for a way out from the problems in the country.

Nevertheless, we have witnessed how foreign currencies were flying like kites during the party primaries which have become worrisome among the good citizens of this country. Igbo have never learnt their lesson like Israel, until they say NEVER AGAIN, they will still remain underdogs.

We must unite and stop betraying each other. This period for Igbo presidency should have been our greatest opportunity, it appears it has gradually slipping out from us but only God has the way.

The Oracle said there will be two elephants that will fight among all these capable candidates being paraded by different parties. These two elephants’ clash will suffer the grass.

Imagine, we could have some people like Mr. Peter Obi, Gov. Wike, Alhaji Kwankwaso who have the charisma, capacity and good intention for the country, they want to create heaven on earth in this country but only the future can tell.

We should equally consider the reign of Peter Obi in Anambra state at which he saved reasonable amount of money for his predecessor; he did marvelous work in terms of infrastructural development. He hadn’t been with the series of invitation letters from the EFCC. I mean, the man is clean and pure in human standard.

But unfortunately, the Igbo people have never been united since after the independence and they keep hurting each other. They are the architect of their misfortunes. This is our golden opportunity for an Igbo President and we are trying to miss the target.

However, the duel of the two elephants will provoke a severe calamity that will shake the country.

This could have been circumvented if the former President, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan that recommended the 2014 National Conference had implemented the report, we couldn’t have been in this kind of mess.

From the crystal ball, Sijuadu Tinubu seems to be in good relationship with the gods and it seems he wishes to fulfill the dream of late Obafemi Awolowo who wished to had been the president even for 24 hours. But remember, if you betray others, god will betray you. Awolowo betrayed Ndigbo and God denied him that opportunity of leadership. Therefore, Jagaban must promise to have the love for the Ndigbo and should not be boastful like late Moshood Abiola who could have been the best President Nigeria would ever have. His hatred for the Igbo made him not to achieve his dream.

For the PDP presidential flag bearer, Atiku Abubakar, he is a practical Igbo ally and brother to the Igbo nation. He has every chance but the spiritual visual is very opaque. Atiku should be very careful so that PDP won’t serve him the same template they used on former President Goodluck Jonathan during his 2015 elections.

You kept mentioning Tinubu as the gods’ favoured candidate for the election when it’s believed that equity demands that presidential slot should be granted to South east. Does the gods believe in sabotage?

We are the cause of our problems, not the almighty God or our ancestors. We have Peter Obi who has the will and capacity to reinvent the country into a better place to live and enjoy but because of peanuts, we started betraying ourselves.

This betrayal is still getting too much and I advise the Igbo elders to conduct a World Congress, where they should place the venue at Nri kingdom, the homeland of Igbo civilization and custodian of its traditional values. This will be a place where all concerned Igbo elders will take an oath before the gods and declare the desire to defend Igbo nation. This is no longer the best time to converge at United States of America for the celebration of Igbo day or go to Enugu and consult with the President Generals, traditional rulers and clergies. Among these people, there is no traditionalist, a man who will speak with ‘Ofo’(Symbol of truth) and inject the tonic of brotherhood. If the Igbo do not change their wrong character, they will still remain stagnant.

The offshoot of your statement seems to encourage the Igbo to pick the position of Vice President if offered.

Well, if the Northerners are sympathetic enough to offer us the VP slot, it can still be used as a connective nerve that would bring us together and plan ahead.

Though, after 100 years, we have the right to decide whether to remain in one united Nigeria or not. But the manner through which the agitators of Biafra sovereignty are doing about it, killing one another and with multiple factions won’t achieve anything. No, that is not the spirit. How will it be, if we secure the freedom, it means most families will be wiped out from the surface of the earth. Mind you, without the unity of Ndigbo, we are going nowhere.

Do you have confidence on the Nigerian corruption watchdog, EFCC at present?

It is unfortunate that some of the past leaders of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, actually disappointed Nigerians by the manner through which they superfluously enriched themselves without any recourse to prosecution.

Coming to think of it, all the money looted by the former Minister of Petroleum, Mrs. Dieziani Madueke, nobody among the leadership of the Commission has ever thought of informing the Nigerians how far they have gone in the recovery and whether the money recovered have been spent by the government.

Everybody is ignorant of the recoveries made by EFCC and they are duty bound to inform us well just like it’s obtained in other sane climes. EFCC is a bad deal for Nigeria.

I recommend that any incoming government should proscribe the Commission because it is also a corrupt organization and I advise that anybody that will head the Commission should come from well trained arm of security agency like DSS and the civilians that have worked in the higher administrative cadre would be recruited and must be people of impeccable character who have been on the Integrity Watch list.

With the ranting of the youths in every corner appears they are so embittered with the state of the country.

The youth have endured enough and will rise from their slumber and possess their possession because they are and everybody is angry. Most of these youths have graduated over ten years ago and have not gotten any job but barely a handful of Fulani people are policing the affairs of the country. It is too bad.

And again, look at what transpired during the primary elections of these political parties, people carrying loads of foreign currencies in their vehicles to distribute to delegates while our children are at home because schools are not in session. We all know why!

To worsen our situation in this place we call our country, imagine the Senators that receive even pigeon allowance and constituency fund, using them to build sub-standard projects at some strategic points in their areas. In fact, Nigeria has been swimming in an ocean of fantasy.

One day, vulture will devour these evil beings and their blood will be smeared on every unproductive trees in Nigeria. They have really pushed Nigerians to the wall. The politicians normally close our territorial borders for nothing but during elections, they will be opened just to achieve their evil intentions while the masses keep bearing the brunt.

I pray that next administration will redefine our constitution in such a way that the salary and allowances of these national legislators will be reviewed to reduce this wild interest in governance.

Do you think that if we should have another President from Northern region the prevailing insecurity in the country could be minimized?

Actually, the insecurity at present has reached to an uncontrollable level for the federal government to contend with, rather, I suggest the alternative measure is to adopt ‘State Police’. This should gain ground for people to monitor their primary environment and forest zones, whereby, total strangers within can be recognized and investigated. The federal police force does not help matters any longer in the country due to tribalism and ethnicism.

Invariably, I am establishing the need for re-structuring the country by the next administration in order to recreate normalcy in this battered system of ours.

People complain that Governor Chukwuma Soludo of Anambra state is so much preoccupied with talking too much than matching it with action, what is your take on this?

Prof. Soludo, actually is a man full of wisdom but not a Professor of human relationship. I think he should talk less and do more work because action speaks louder than words. Anambra people don’t attach importance to your professorial adventures in life but reverence on your wisdom of creativity.

Soludo should address the problem of touts in the state and allocate jobs if necessary to the rightful groups in terms on this issue of revenue collections. There are constant killings in the state and we don’t know those masterminding them.

Do you foresee any impending crisis in this country?

Yes, I believe that Nigeria is sitting on the keg of gunpowder and may snowball into disintegration without firing a bullet from the trenches because are already tired of ourselves at present.

The war has already started when kidnappers will carry their victims with military vehicle and cross the military checkpoints without any confrontation. Some areas like Arondizogu and Okigwe are the flashpoint of this kidnapping business, yet, there are military checkpoints scattered at poles end. What are the security operatives doing at the checkpoints in those flash points?

These will inform you that we are already in hot soup and we pray every morning for divine mercy to have been privileged to see the light of any day that turns up. As it is now, I believe there is a cabal working against the interest of one Nigeria but very soon, nemesis will catch them all.

Another possible measure to prevent this impending war is to have a round table discussion with all religious divide and the three regions that made up of South, North and Middle Belt.

The aftermath of the exhaustive discussion will determine whether to co-exist as one inseparable entity or to declare ‘to your tents, O’Isreal.’

On the issue of security, some traditional rulers are accused of not passing inform as required to the security operatives about some undesirable elements living in their midst.

Well, one should ask this pertinent question of who are these traditional rulers. However, since after the Nigeria/Biafra war in 1970, the revered kingship turned into business of buying and selling which the end product became sort of oil well mercantile. Those that have the connection of their state governor would go to Government house, and conduct a kind of Kangaroo election and eventually emerge as the first class Monarch because they are connected to the Governor. This is what we are seeing in Igboland.

The most appalling aspect of the whole thing is that most of them live in Overseas and Nigeria cities and they will be ruling their communities from abroad, then, how will they profile their subjects to know who are the criminals in their towns?

For the fact that uneasy head that wears the crown, the best option is for the communities to endeavour to crown those that are worthy to bear the bruises of the crown hinged on honesty, truth and self contentedness.

Do you think IPOB can achieve this dream of an independent nation, going by the manner they are pursuing the course?

When you talk about Biafra, you must remember late Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu who introduced it due to the pains of genocidal impetus of Nigeria on the Igbos during the 1966/7.

There is no gainsaying that every freedom fighter has a penalty to pay. The former leader of Mobilization for the Actualization of Sovereign State of Biafra, MASSOB, Chief Raph Uwazuruike was arrested and jailed for over some years and his members were massacred at several venues.

Upon this predicament, it didn’t provoke Uwazuruike to start killing his people. Now, his subordinate, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu created IPOB and started training them in the forests. He came up with this good idea because of what is happening to his people but his followers started creating factions among themselves like one Simon Ekpa who domicile in Finland.

I would like all of these masters that dish out orders to come back home and we shall all join them in the fight for freedom so that we can as well die together. It will be so unjust and wicked to be in your comfort zone and be giving marching orders to the youths and they will be dying in the hands of the security operatives like cockroaches. Is it how we shall realize this Biafra?

It is the duty of all Igbos with the elders to advance this course of marginalization before world powers, not by ‘Sit-at-Home or providing guns and bombs for the youths to start killiqng themselves.


“We have Peter Obi who has the will and capacity to reinvent the country into a better place to live and enjoy but because of peanuts, we started betraying ourselves.”