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‘Whoever Isn’t Ready To Face Huddles Cannot Progress’– Saucee

Popular music act Saucee with real names Apalowo oluwaseyi Samuel was born into the family of Apalowo march of year 1999. An origin of Ekiti State but born and raised in Ikorodu, Lagos with the Apalowos with four other siblings. Early life started with him schooling at
Ikorodu up till secondary school.

Saucee said he happened to have found himself loving music as a junior chorister at the age 12, until ss3 where he realised he might need to take music as a craft to practise. The year 2019 he released his first song which brought so much attention to him and a lot of people gave him support till D6R entertainment found him and signed him to start his music career officially.
Making entertainment an integral part of his life made him known as a consistent music writer, recording artist and performer. Out of his consistent passion for music he was able to keep growing his attention from the general public.

According to SAUCEE music release consistently is like climbing the staircase to ultimate fame as there will one day you will completely climb us the staircase till you get all your long awaited merit.

I don’t intend to do this music business for a while as it’s what I have decided I will do till I start growing white hairs, then I rest and see if my offspring will keep up from where I stopped.

As a young boy signed at the age of nineteen, I had to balance school, my parents’ view, my friends and my goal as an artist with obligations under D6R entertainment. Challenges in the music industry are another big thing to deal with depending on how strongly you believe in yourself and your dreams. I learnt to face my challenges and think less about the negativity but using them to build my own confidence.

As long as I am alive and challenges have not brought me to my knees I will believe joy is coming.

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