Nollywood actor Mike Godson welcomes first child with his girlfriend


By Ere-ebi Agedah

Mike Godson has welcomed a baby boy.

The actor took to Instagram to make the announcement.

Their son was born in London, United Kingdom as he shared pictures of his newborn son and his son’s mother and wrote: “My heart is full of joy! Through this gorgeously beautiful woman, God has blessed me with a son.”

However, some fans have come out to react to the fact that Mike had his baby in UK and with his girlfriend.

@Abby says You should have tried giving birth in Canada not London. That way, the child would have dual citizenship. If you’re born in London, you’re still a Nigerian. Congratulations.

@Sunday says Girlfriend 😂😏😏😏??? Thought it was supposed to be wife base on our run run..

@Anonymous says Girlfriend? Okay o..Congrats

@larry says Society gone to the dogs. No shame in impregnation another man’s daughter without marrying her the proper way. As you disrespect another man so shall they disrespect you too and mismanage your daughter. Given birth as a Nigerian in London doesn’t make the child a citizen, sorry. Because that’s all Nigerians look for when they go give birth in another man’s country. They never think with their heads why citizens of these countries they go give birth to never come to Nigeria to give birth.