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Buhari’s govt officials turned down free power project over demand for bribe, says Adebayo, SDP presidential candidate

…Threatens to name perpetrators

By Mike Odiakose

Presidential candidate of the Social Democratic Party, SDP, Prince Adewole Adebayo, has disclosed that he brought in beneficial projects to the country, including a free power project, but officials of the Muhammadu Buhari administration turned it down because it was not serving the personal interest of the officials.

Adebayo, a successful lawyer and businessman said he wanted to help with the power problems of the country, leading him to bringing the business initiative that would not only increase power generation in the country, but also provide about two million jobs at no kobo to the federal government.

According to him, government officials, rather than support and give all the necessary assistance, were asking for bribe.

“I am not saying this to embarrass anybody. Do you know that for three years I have been talking to the present government to help generate electricity and create about two million jobs with no kobo from the government.

“It costs absolutely nothing to the government. I have held meetings with them. I have met the minister countless times. I have even taking it to the highest level.

“They just won’t let it be done. I am not faking it. I am just talking out of respect, but if they react to it and ask to come and say it, I will mention the name, date and everything.

“I showed them the amount money the Europeans are coming in to invest. I told them that I am their lawyer. They were sending people to go and negotiate with them (what is in it for me?).

“Those ones got mad and were asking if my people were mental?

“They said we are coming to your country to help you generate electricity, we are not collecting any money from you, rather we are using our money”,he stated.

Adebayo said for the past 15 years, he has not experienced power outage from his Abuja office because “I got the office off the national grid. And that’s 15 years back. I am not talking theory. These are things I have done and still doing.

“That is why I said examine people’s lives before giving your votes. These kinds of solutions don’t and won’t make minister rich. A minister who signs an agreement with a foreign investment to come and do electricity in Nigeria gains nothing personally, it is only the country that gains and these people are not in government to gain. There is nothing wrong with our country. We are the problems to ourselves”.

Adebayo, while asking questions on Twitter platform conversation with hashtag #TalkingJobson,#GettingitrightNig with Prince Adewole Adebayo, anchored by human rights lawyer, Segun Awosanya popularly known as Sega, said if elected into office, he was going to provide 30million jobs, at the first instance, adding that he secured the agreement to provide jobs with 2000 American companies who are willing and ready to come over to Nigeria to establish and provide employment.

“I am already preparing what to be done when I get elected, not looking for what to do when you get into office. I am employer of labour. Kaftan Television, the pharmaceutical company, the farm are there with people working there. Presently, I am training about 500 random people in green energy. They are being trained by four companies. These are people who have never seen solar panel before. They are getting physical and remote training from the manufacturers. By the time they are done, they can become trainers trainers, and before you know it, you will see how the sector would boom. Imagine if I was training 500,000, you can see that the jobs are already being created.”

Regarding the perennial insecurity in the country and what he would do if elected, Adebayo said the Commander-in-Chief can never be innocent anytime security is implicated, because the president and indeed, every president has the ability to reach his troop anywhere it is located in the country.

Said he: “A soldier who is at the check point takes his final order from the president. When I was going g to Ekiti State during the governorship election, I was not allowed to enter Ekiti because the soldiers stopped me from entering which was a shock to me.

“None of us, including my convoy, was allowed into Ekiti. My security called the captain who said sir, we have order that you should not enter. So if tou contact the governor. I said I must contact Fayemi (Governor of Ekiti state) before I enter Ekiti, God forbid.”

He said that is our order.

“Luckily enough, I had the contact of the Chief of Defence Staff, called his office, somebody in his office answered, I said I am the presidential candidate of my party, I am going to Ekiti for a rally and I have been held here for more than an hour. He asked by who? I said soldiers.

“He said it is not possible. I gave the phone to the captain. He told him, have you lost your mind; what concerns army with elections? Let the man go. He gave me a salute and I went my way. The Chief of Defence Staff is one step away from Buhari. It means the Commander-in-Chief has effective control. So the C-in-C cannot be innocent when security is implicated, because all the information at his disposal”.

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