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Osun: Don’t drag us into your self-inflicted disaster – TOP warns Babayemi

By Richard Akintade, Osogbo

The Osun Progressives (TOP) has warned embattled factional governorship aspirant in the state, Dotun Babayemi, who has just been expelled by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) not to drag the group into his predicament.

According to the TOP Chairman in the state, Rev’d Lowo Adebiyi in a statement issued and made available to newsmen on Monday, Babayemi was said to have, in the figment of his imagination, claimed that the (TOP) are in alliance with PDP and indeed the Governor-elect, Senator Ademola Adeleke.

The statement said, “the rattled PDP governorship aspirant, Dotun Babayemi made some more odious allegation against us and our Patron, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola which we consider a way to justify the political master stroke expulsion he was served by his party.

“Babayemi joined the PDP late 2018 from ADP which he joined less than a year earlier from the APC.

“Babayemi may be a “wanna be” politician, an opportunist kind of who wanted the highest office at his first political attempt in his new party. But he is not foolish not to know that his expulsion may have brought an abrupt end to his political career which have not even started.

“By available records, Babayemi breezed into APC in 2016 to start politics and went with ambition to become a Senator which is not often given to new player like him in the Progressive Movement sequel to which he decamped to ADP where he was dashed the Senatorial ticket since there was no many highly placed politicians.

“May we at The Osun Progressives note that only a political neophyte will not know why Babayemi chose to play the spoiler’s role in PDP till he was kicked out, so he might not wreck the ship which has taken them 12 years to build”.

TOP added further that, ” the ‘guy man’ had intended to play games with Governor-elect Ademola Adeleke’s mandate so that he may inherit the “West Lokan” struggle as an addition to the lucre that Governor Gboyega Oyetola’s camp has allegedly offered him.

“While we acknowledge that Babayemi is entitled to his scheme to highjack power at the risk of other hardworking politicians and or his integrity, even as a Prince, we urge him not to drag The Osun Progressives (TOP) into the self-inflicted disaster which has befallen him. We are not political bandits who will undermine their party for their personal gains.

“While we are focused on the redemption of our party, APC, which has been on consistent degeneration and we were meted with the worst forms of inhuman treatments by his selfish types in APC who have had vice grip of the soul of our party in the last few years, yet, we remain committed to our party’s ideals. TOP leaders and members are not selfish lucre influenced politicians. We are strong willed, focused, patriotic and true to the reorganisation of APC which contradicts the lie in Babayemi’s submissions.

“We challenge him to come up with evidences to proof his spurious allegations that we are working with PDP at the detriment of his selfish request. He will save his doubtful integrity if he is able to name one candidate of PDP who belongs to our tendency – TOP. He should tell the world the day, time and venue where TOP held meeting or meetings with PDP, either that he attended or have representative.

“We have said it that we will borrow a leave from the disposition of one of the ancestors of Progressives politics, referred Uncle Bola Ige by doing “Sidon look” if Governor Gboyega Oyetola and his Ileri-Oluwa’s group sidelined us, rather than jumping ship and abandon our inheritance for fair-weather politicians.

“We note with a sense of satisfaction that what we eventually got vindicated for our outcry on the degeneration in Osun APC. We feel our vilification in the hands of our party mates is worth it after all, though, they took us to unnecessary and avoidable electoral loss.

“The Osun Progressives (TOP) consider Babayemi’s vituperations as a mark of extreme frustration of a troubled soul faced with a bleak political future. We call on all men of goodwill to distance themselves from a monkey talk from a corrupt and unstable mind” the statement concluded.

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