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“Andy Uba was never a legitimate Governor of Anambra State”

By Mike Odiakose

The High Court of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, has been told
that Senator Andy Uba who claimed to be a Former Governor of Anambra
State was never a Governor of the state but an impostor as declared by
the Supreme Court of Nigeria.

The court was also told that Senator Andy Uba merely usurped the
office of the Governor of the state for 17 days and was unseated by a
judgement of the Supreme Court wherein the court declared that he was
never a Governor of the state but an impostor.

These averments were contained in a 32 paragraph affidavits sworn to
and filed in the court registry by a litigation secretary, Mr.
Stephen Okpoh in the law firm of Ike Ike and associates with the
authority of Prince (Engr.) Arthur Eze, Chairman of Oranto Petroleum
Ltd who is the judgement creditor in a suit of non payment of a 50
million loan instituted against Senator Andy Uba by his company.

The court was further told that Senator Andy Uba who is a judgement
debtor in the case is not a law abiding citizen as he had arranged and
benefitted from a sham Governorship primary election of his political

The primary election according to the affidavit is that of the All
Progressives Congress, APC conducted ahead of the 2021 governorship
election in Anambra state which the three-tiers of courts in Nigeria
have invalidated as a sham.

That contrary to his claim he was also not a brother or friend of the
judgement creditor Oranto Petroleum Ltd which is a limited liability
company that does not share human consanguineous relationship.

The court was told that Senator Uba the judgement debtor had in the
past exploited his closeness to Prince Arthur Eze by deploying
under-hand tactics to fleece him of humongous sums of money.

Prince Eze’ s lawyers further cited in the sworn and registered
affidavits in court, a case where Senator Uba sent his Personal
Assistant, one Emmanuel Major Okwuosa who fleeced Prince Arthur Eze of
one million US Dollars (1.000.000 USD) which Prince Eze eventually
recovered through a court judgement which was executed.

Senator Andy Uba who went to court to challenge the execution claimed
that the recovered property belonged to him without any document to
show in suit no e//411/2012.

It would be recalled that a state High Court sitting in Ekwulobia,
Anambra State had earlier entered judgement in favour of Oranto
Petroleum Limited in the case it instituted against Senator Uba over
his refusal to pay back a 50 million naira interest free loan granted
to him by Oranto Petroleum Ltd owned by billionaire philanthropist
Prince (Engr) Arthur Eze which led to the seizure of some of his
properties by men of the Federal Capital Territory High Court
enforcement unit Abuja as a result of an order of the court
authorizing the execution of the Anambra State High Court judgement in

Senator Uba had however filed a motion pleading for a court order to
be paying back the loan by instalments of 1 million naira monthly
which the judgement creditor has rejected in his counter affidavits
describing it as a ploy by the judgement debtor not to pay back the

Oranto Petroleum had claimed further in the counter affidavits
opposing the 1 million monthly instalmental payments that the
judgement debtor Andy Uba has not disclosed to the court his incomes
and assets in his motion papers filed in court as required by law.

It maintained that Senator Uba had deliberately concealed and hid from
the court his humongous income and assets from oil blocs, private
jets, stocks in blue chip companies in Nigeria and the United States
of America.

Oranto Petroleum further pleaded with the court that it is in the
interest of justice that the application filed by Senator Andy Uba is

When the case came up on the 29th of September 2022 counsels for
Senator Andy Uba who were served the counter affidavits said they
needed time to study the counter affidavits and reply and the case was
then adjourned till the 5th of November, 2022.

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