Dan Barde: A Leader per excellence, for a time such as this in Gombe State


    By A. A. Mshelia

    For over a decade, I have been writing articles that differentiates facts from fictions, in an effort to correct roguish authors and protect the people, which I feel is the sole role of every right thinking citizen. Its never in my nature to debate or exchange words with such on-the-dole writers roaring around seeking who they can scoff and begging for a plate of stew on their tables by the highest auction-goers, at the outlay of their conscience and the saneness of their pens.

    Any time I put pen to paper, my message has been lucidly clear and the target audience has always been distinct. For the past few days there has been an uproar in the political arena of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in Gombe State. Late last week I had received from friends, a couple of data that portrayed what seemed a plus to the ruling party in the state, but to the idle folks, that was deceitfully immature as everyone familiar with the pressures and the hit ups of politics, understood the tranquil nature of every lead contestant will always to strapped to the walls.

    The content of those data are correctly disquieting, but that shouldnt have been made a life sentence on the cradle of the man. To assume so, is to forget the fact that, just because a married lady is not seen pregnant yet, doesnt mean she has not been meeting with her husband. Every human, especially politicians have some skeleton in their cupboard. And just because it has not seen doesnt mean it doesnt exist. Besides, every human has

    It became unmistakable from the storylines that fashioned such traffic on social media, both from the known and the unknown, that there are certain population that will leave no stone unturned until Gombe State is pull down to its knee, by splintering individuals who have the capacity or are on a defined path to rescue the state. The painful part though is, sons of the soil have made themselves obtainable for a plate of stew to do away with their state by themselves. Looking at the conundrum, Mr Muhamad Jibrin Barde (Dan Barde) happen to just be the bone in their neck that wont allow them break the state and systems he is working hard to rescue and restore, given the mandate in 2023. Thus, he must take certain heat and punches for the vision to rescue Gombe State. The consistent attack on his person, vision and the future of Gombe State whom he stands to protect is uncalled for.

    Earlier today, I was opportune to board an aircraft with Dan Barde. And within the 50 minutes of flying from point A to B., it became clear, Dan Barde is a phenomenon that must happened to Gombe state. Upon our landing, it became stirring in my heart that I had to put pen on paper and posted my notes on all my social media handles on my experience of meeting with him. Part of my post reads:

    Within 50minutes of flight you can have a ten years discussions with the right people.

    On a whole, Mr. Muhammad Jibrin Barde is a fine gentleman with a well thought out plan that can move Gombe to the next level of greatness. The man is loaded with so MUCH that needs to be discharged to bring about a TOTAL OVERHAUL of certain things in Gombe State.

    As we discussed, with Mr. Dan Barde, together with Alhaji Adamu PA, to every question with the Governorship Candidate of the PDP, Dan Barde, it’s evident he wasn’t mixing words; he knows the blue prints of his vision and it’s clear he’s not coming to Gombe to gamble. The man has a plan defined.
    He’s a man worth giving a chance, as a man cannot be greater than his words. Dan Barde has something unique and significant for Gombe State.

    It is therefore my logical observation that, when elected as Governor of Gombe State, Dan Bardes administration will strive to create and maintain an enabling environment conducive for the optimal participation and sustainable engagement of key stakeholders and partners, by developing a sensitive and responsible political class, a vibrant and purpose-driven bureaucracy, a veritable resource base, and a robust broad-based economy. People-based, government-enhanced, and private sector-led approaches will be employed to guarantee this pursuit.

    A man is known for two things: his words and his actions. These two must of necessity tally. If there is a divergence, then neither his words nor his actions are of any value no matter how magnanimous. From the testimonies of the person of Dan Barde, and my experience with him today, I made bold to say that, his words and actions have proved a unity of purpose, a confluence of merit and harbinger of inspiration.

    The reality on ground has nothing to do truly with the person of Dan Barde; it has everything to do with efforts engineered to distract him, and as one who is seen as a threat to some malevolent enterprise in the pipe. Secondly, the people involved in these games are just playing a political script that has been paid and stored for years but meant to be released for a time such as this. Thirdly, the attack on the person of Dan Barde, according to history is not something new; it has been a fact that over time, certain group of people have exalted themselves and their interest above the good of the region. They have built castles in the air, believing that for any government, or person that does not cosset their ego, feed their greed or support their ambition is an enemy. Fourthly, it has so much to do with 2023. The toxic depth of their resolve to truncate anyone focusing on his lane without focusing on feeding their greed is infinite.

    To the good people of Gombe, when people unite together to reach a common goal, they become stronger, and when there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt us. We have read a lot about why nations fall and why nations prosper, and its glaring that Gombawa must as a matter of necessity reverse back to the dais of brotherhood and unity. Its ill-starred while other States unite to build a state they can call their own, by voting out dictatorship, the story in Gombe is somewhat different, because of the sponsored distractions on many quarters towards the chosen one Dan Barde. No civilization equals the magnitude of falsehoods.

    Without fear of any contradiction, it is glaring that, Dan Barde is a man who has achieved greatness through diligence, self-will and sheer determination. He remains unruffled even in the face of unwarranted intimidation and provocation; a man with critical thinking skills. A strong advocate for unity, peace, and progress; a results-driven leader and a change maker who has brought novel and strategic changes in the economic and socio-political sectors, which should be sustained by the current generation of leaders in Gombe State and Nigeria at large.

    Come 2023, after the general elections, Dan Bardes legacy as the elected Governor of Gombe State shall be that of a leader who defied the odds and led people straight, in a time of crookedness, even when it entailed trying unpopular choices and following the longer route. Courage shall be the universal theme of the testimonials from the Dan Bardes’ administration when he becomes Governor.

    Mistake done cannot be reversed, but the future ahead of us as a people can be decided without allowing the spontaneous effect of yesterday affects the mission ahead.

    My fellow Gombawa, I want to remind us all of these facts: Every nation or state that has reached its peak for massive developmental strides (delivery), is more likely to face the challenges/pangs like that of a pregnant woman in a labour ward. Every political leader of worth in the world, according to history has once, if not many times, at a point faced challenges of all kinds as we see happen with Dan Barde. The challenges leaders face around the world are more similar than different. This goes to show that no matter where you are in the world, every nation or state has an inherent political challenges, either the once that affect the state or their leaders directly. The encouraging part though is when the citizens are courageous enough to stand up for their state and leaders through these trying epochs.

    It cant be over emphasized that Dan Bardes mission from inception is to to change the socio-economic environment of Gombe State into one of the fastest, mostly developed states in the federation if given the mandate to lead the state. The seriousness and total commitment with which he approaches his quest to lead, and his vision shared for Gombe in his last broadcast has reached its high point. Gombe citizens can be sure, that he will transform the State within his first tenure into that level of social awareness that is too improbable, astonishing and extraordinary to be believed. Going by the waves of revolutionary policy initiatives and project implementation under his leadership in the private and public practices, the focus on the minds of people should be on Dan Bardes brilliance, ingenuity and versatility in the way he conducts his leadership dealings and models.

    This is my sincere and personal opinion for the good of Gombe State and her people.

    Written by A. A. Mshelia from Abuja.