CMT 2022/23: My Vision is people driven and unity is the vehicle we will thrive upon – Dan Barde


    Precept upon precept the People Democratic Party is gaining grounds and consolidating it program in Gombe state. The processes seem stress less in gaining sustenance across board because the frontline candidate, Dan Barde, of the party’s 2023 elections is an individual whose vision is flawless and tranquil to peddle to the general populace.

    Earlier today, the party inaugurated its Campaign Management Team (CMT) for the 2022/23 elections at the International Hotel, Gombe State. The meeting was prodigious and the caliber of party statesmen that attended the meeting emptied the chitchats of the rumbling that is said by many to have existed in the party.

    The speech by key thespians of the party revealed the PDP in Gombe state is a unified body and have a sole vision to trail against all odds – Rescue the state and its people.

    It was not surprising as Alhaji Dan Barde lucidly spoke about his vision for Gombe State to party statesmen and women and supporters present. Dan Barde’s approach to politics has been strategic, concentrating on the functional aspect of establishing a democracy and a platform most transparent for everyone who cares to be true.

    In contemporary political atmosphere, politics has intimate interactions between the government and its citizens. There is therefore an even greater need for inspired leadership hinged on typed dynamism in a State where the basic needs of life such as education, rural and urban regional planning, revolutionary development in agricultural inputs, have hitherto been on the low cay.

    From his speech it became precisely clear again that Dan Barde taking time for informed decisions to get things done right, only proved his perspective on what politics is to him. At the meeting, he opined that political power gains meaning and usefulness to him only in the context of institutional framework of the economy and the provision of the basic needs of his people.

    He noted without mingling words that in his view, these include Infrastructural Development; Skills Acquisition Programmes bordering on Job and Wealth Creation; Rural Economic and Regional Planning Development; Infrastructure and Housing Development; Water Resources and Power Generation; Industrialization; Health and Information Technological Knowledge and Application; and Infrastructure Provision, and added firmly that these must be done with accuracy and precision.

    He called on all and sundry even as the campaigns intensifies that they remain focused to the vision despite the deliberate provocations that will without doubt come from the opposition in the state.

    His vision is people driven and he advocated for a unified body, which will serve as the vehicle upon which the campaign management team will thrive upon.

    Dan Barde is indeed a phenomenon to behold!

    Written by A. A. Mshelia from Abuja.