Obi’s Investment Lies: Anambra citizens hail Soludo, say former Governor churning out falsehood to deceive Nigerians



Anambra Concerned Citizens is pleased to note the clarifications provided by Anambra State Governor, Professor Chukwuma Soludo, which shed light on the kind of maladministration that took place under a former governor of the state, who is now the Labour Party presidential candidate, Mr. Peter Obi.

Professor Soludo properly exposed how Mr. Obi impoverished Anambra people while parading himself as the best thing that has ever happened to the state. The incumbent Anambra State Governor’s explanation has now made us know that the so-called investment Mr. Obi purported to have made is worth next to nothing, which implies that the Labour Party presidential candidate defrauded the state to assuage his ego and greed.

Being a renowned economist, who has had the benefit of managing Nigeria’s monetary policy as governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Professor Soludo is in the best position to analyze the shady investment that Mr. Obi made. It is tragic that in addition to being scam, the investments translated into the Labour Party presidential candidate using Anambra State funds to shore up his family business. The funds Mr. Obi claimed he saved were yielding interest into his personal and family accounts.

We therefore agree with the Anambra State governor that the money Mr. Obi poured into his family business should have gone into stimulating the economy for the benefit of citizens. We could imagine if the funds went into building infrastructure that support businesses and provide employment like rail, roads and industrial parks that would have stimulated the economy.

Anambra Concerned Citizens hail Professor Soludo for his boldness to speak out on the purported achievements of Mr. Peter Obi at a time when the latter has turned himself into a demagogue that bristles at criticism. Professor Soludo has proven that he is nationalistic to the point of exposing Mr. Obi at a time when political and ethnic correctness has forced people to ignore the lies of this failing presidential candidate.

We warn Mr. Obi and his supporters that Anambra Concerned Citizens will not hesitate to expose him if he dares to utter any further words on the exposure of how he defrauded the state. We issue this warning knowing that he has been relying on his lynch mob that he calls his supporters for intimidating and silencing those that dare expose his fraudulent rule in Anambra state.

Anambra Concerned Citizens consequently assert that the state is known for exporting qualitative leadership to the national level, something that Mr. Obi has proven to incapable of giving. We therefore distance ourselves Mr. Obi as we declare that Nigerians from other states who support or vote for him as president do so at their own risk and the potential of empowering him to steal Nigeria’s commonwealth through phony investment and saving schemes similar to the infamous MMM scam.

We demand that Mr. Obi immediately begin refunding the Anambra state money that he fraudulently cornered into his pocket under the guise of savings or investment failing which we shall initiate steps to compel him to. He must as a matter of honour, if he is capable of such, halt his presidential campaign until he can refund what he took from the state through the failed investment and saving. It is in Mr. Obi’s interest to comply with our demand before continuing with his failed presidential bid as we will not relent in exposing him as the con artist that he is.

Mazi Chijioke Ude

Dr Andrew Young
Secretary General