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Make Songs That Suites Whatever Emotional Situation You In–Badmanpreezy

Badmanprezzy with real names Odiase Precious, born July 4th ,1996 is a Nigerian talented singer from Edo state. Badmanprezzy is said to have had his early life in Lagos state, under the guidance of Mr & Mrs Odiase.

Badmanprezzy started singing at a very young age in Lagos with his inspiration from situations around him and the society. Then he developed interest in drums and other instruments, as making music out of situations and emotions is personal creativity and it’s important to express yourself on the instrumental which gives the skeletal body to every song.

I take my songwriting very personal as it’s an expression of thoughts and feelings generated from our daily and life experiences. This has made every deep minded person with interest in meaningful music love my craft and projects. Many see the

sound of Badmanprezzy as spiritual and it’s crazy how i can do any genre of music expected from me which is a plus when it comes to versatility.

Where i come from which is Edo state Nigeria, we the youths really have a lot to share as a lot happens, from insecurity, terrorism, bad governance, ignorance and social influence.

No matter what you going through personally i can promise that my song lyrics and production would help your emotions

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