National Chairman of Zenith Labour Party, ZLP, Chief Dan Nwanyanwu, has declared that there is a very strong indication that the recent spate of violence in the South East is being sponsored by outside forces to demarket and deny the zone presidential ticket in 2023.

Speaking with journalists in Abuja Thursday on security challenges in Nigeria, Chief Nwanyanwu said the destruction of public properties, some of which were built by communal efforts is alien to the people of the South East.

He declared that the legitimate agitation for an equitable and fair society in Nigeria and the anger against marginalization against the Igbo people can never be resolved through violence.

“We cannot cut our nose to spite our face. It is embarrassing, it is counterproductive, and it is primitive. Ndigbo are well beyond these characteristics.

“There is also the dimension of possible sponsorship of “unknown gunmen” to carry out attacks in Igbo land in order to demarket the zone against the 2023 general election.

“The utterances of supposed prominent Nigerians in high places including misguided leaders of pseudo-organizations purporting to speak for the North have ceased every opportunity to exaggerate the direction of the attack in the Southeast and follow up such deliberate incitement to threaten death and genocide on Igbo people all over the country. This is being intensified as we approach 2023.

“Some of these so called leaders are uncomfortable with what has become a near national consensus, that equity, Justice and fair play demand that the presidential slot for 2023 should be reserved for the people of the Southeast geo-political zone of Nigeria as has been done since 1999 till present time, where rotation between the North and the South has become a convention of our National power rotation.”

He cautioned against the reported attack of innocent citizens of the South East by security operatives.

“Let it be stressed that the genocide attitude of some of our security agencies who conducted themselves as though they were unleashed on the people of the southeast for annihilation is highly provocative, condemnable and atrocious.

“There is no justification in any civilized society for policemen and soldiers to round up unarmed and innocent young men and women for slaughter. Many have been abducted from their residences, some woken up from their sleep, taken away and eliminated.

“The perpetrators of this provocative act openly boast of what they have been directed to do in Igbo land and they openly speak in Hausa, creating  an impression that rather than being security agents to maintain law and orders, they are an occupation army.

“It is important to caution that there is a limit to which these genocidal conducts can be endured. It is therefore advised to rein these misguided security agents and if possible withdraw them and deploy them to the various war fronts in various parts in the North where their services are more needed and where they can prove their bravery in the execution of war. This advice should be considered urgently as the patience of the people is fast running out.

“In the same token, I wish to re-emphases my admonition to some of our young men and women, who under the cover of agitation for self determination attack security personnel and desist from such act forthwith they are the ones who are attracting the invasion of our land area by blood thirsty men of the police and Army to our area. It is self destruction to set your people up for annihilation. It defies logic it is simply stupid and wicked.”

The Zenith Labour Party National Chairman also appealed to President Mohammed Buhari not to lose sight of the fact that he is the father of the nation and urged him to use his powers to promote peace and unity in the country.”

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