I was attacked by state sponsored militia not IPOB – Ikenga Imo Alleges


By our correspondent

Spokesperson of the Coalition of United Political Parties, CUPP, Chief Ikenga Imo Ugochinyere has alleged that those who attacked his house on January 14 killing his uncle are state sponsored militia and not members of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB.

Briefing newsmen in Abuja, Ikenga recalled that on January 14, 2023, his house we came under heavy terrorist attack led and coordinated by militias who from all evidence were state sponsored and state backed with the sole aim of killing him.

He alleged that the reason why they want to kill him was to permanently silence him from making any other exposures on the rigging plans against the 2023 general election.

“We were shot at, we were bombed with high grade explosives, houses were leveled with bombs, those still standing were shaken to their foundations and vehicles numbering over 32 were all set ablaze with these explosives.

“Several motorcycles belonging to us and hardworking villagers were burnt amongst other property valued in billions that was lost in the attacks.

“They attacked in broad daylight, firing from all angles and leaving over 500 bullet holes on the houses in my country home. Innocent people were killed for no reason.

“January 14 is now very quickly assuming a dark day in the history of Imo State. On 14th January 2020, Imo State watched helplessly as a man whom they did not vote for was pronounced as Governor of the State, an illegitimacy that haunts us till this day.

“Since then, Imo has been turned into a killing field with tributaries of blood now flowing into the Atlantic Ocean”, he stated.

He said although they got intelligence that a convoy of assailants was looking for the way to his country home, he did not see the message when it arrived but upon seeing it, he rushed out to inform the security men on duty to reinforce and organize and while that was going on, he sighted the convoy but before the security men could react, they opened fire at him.

Speaking further, he said he only narrowly escaped being hit by the special grace and mercy of God and that with the security men, they rushed into one of the houses and formed a defence that they continued to hit on.

“I was not attacked by members of IPOB. I was attacked by a state sponsored militia that has semblance with the same team that attacked my convoy on the 23rd of December, 2022 which was led by the Special Adviser to Governor Hope Uzodimma on special Duties, Mr. Chinasa Nwaneri who was seated in a white Hilux van that was used for that attack.

“It is important that I state these clearly because Imo under Hope Uzodimma is now a society where life is short and brutish, it is now an animal kingdom and human life has lost all value.

“The anarchy in Imo State has now gone out of hand with different killer groups operating freely. Gallant soldiers and policemen have even been felled by bullets of these squads yet they continue undeterred while the Government of Imo State has continued to politicize the killings without any serious effort to bring it under control like you all saw in my own case”, he stated.

According to him, the plot to kill him started sometime in September when he informed the world of the grand manipulation and compromise of the voter register, a plot now popularly called OMUMA MAGIC.

“Nigerians will like to note that the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC has sine removed over three million of such fake names imputed into the voter Register.

“It has also identified 25 of its staff who were involved in Omuma Magic and has commenced internal disciplinary actions against them. So when they say what we said was a lie, ignore them.

“Following that revelation of the compromise which spanned across 14 states and my quest for justice and action against all those who were involved, the Uzodimma administration became very uncomfortable with me and they started looking for ways to silence us.

“They know that if we could have got that information, then we would get more. First they framed me for terrorism and arson, claimed that I was responsible for the burning of INEC offices in Imo State, that it was from documents I obtained from the burnt offices that I made the Omuma Magic allegations.

“They also made murder allegations against me. They made several other spurious and disgusting allegations. I endured all this and still kept calling for justice for the compromise of the voter register”, he added.