Thursday, March 30, 2023
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Buhari will be appreciated more after exit – FCT Minister

By Chioma Nnodim 

Federal Capital Territory, FCT Minister, Malam Muhammad Musa Bello, has said President Muhammadu Buhari’s milestone achievements in the area of infrastructure development would be more appreciated after he exited office in May 29.

Bello made this known when he featured at the 20th Edition of the President Buhari’s administration Scorecard Series, organised by the Federal Ministry of Information and Culture, on Monday in Abuja.

The minister said that the event afforded him the opportunity to reel out the array of achievements and transformation that Buhari’s administration recorded in the nation’s capital.

Bello said: ”When we came on board in 2015, my team and I realised that the capital city Abuja was basically a work in progress with so many projects initiated but no completed.

“All these projects were critical, particularly taking into account the rate at which the city was growing demographically.

Because over time, it changed from being an administrative centre and city to a commercial, economic hug and gradually now it is also transforming itself into a tourism and cultural destination.

”So, we realised that if we do not complete all the ongoing projects we met on the ground, then at one point, the city will just become Lagos.

“This is s because all the reasons why the Federal Government moved the Federal Capital City from Lagos to Abuja would have been come to not.”

According to him, what was done over the last seven and half years or so was basically to try to develop the territory in all ramifications.

“This is in terms of infrastructure and all other services that normally are expected in a state such as education, health, agriculture, social services and security, roads, bridges, rail line, water system, electricity and power generation,” Bello said.

The minister said that the FCT Administration under his leadership had completed many critical infrastructure projects which by any standard could compare with any kind in the world.

He called on the FCT residents to jealousy guard Abuja, protect its infrastructure, clean the environment and try to make it a truly beautiful green city where everybody would feel happy raise our families and hopefully retired.

The Minister noted that some of the projects like bridges had linked several districts and eased traffic movement within the city centre.

“All these are parts of the scorecard of President Buhari’s administration which unfortunately sometimes those of us who live in Abuja do not notice.

“Over the past seven and half years, the capacity of all the institutions of the FCT Administration had been enhanced greatly in terms of training, empowerment and allowing the institutions to operate as they were meant to functions,” Bello added.

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