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Scaling through two professions sharpened me – Drift Driving King

By Friday Obande

Following a nationwide call by President Muhammadu Buhari, in July 2020, urging youths to acquire skills rather than pursuing government jobs, as they are limited, Jamus Bashar, a Borno State born youngman, has taken the bull by the horn to distinguish himself amongst peers by combining his two professions as a sociologist and a drift driver.

Speaking to newsmen, the drifter explained that Nigeria is a blessed country with so many opportunities for the youths.

Bashar has gone through this process and is still able to make a living by combining his two professions as a sociologist and a drifter.

“Scaling through two distinct professions has helped shape who I am today”

“Young adults and undergraduates to leverage more on their ambitions beyond the four walls of the classroom; a skill, vocation, or something they are passionate about and enjoy doing at all times.”

The drifter claimed to have enjoyed and valued what he learned at university, which helped him learn more on interaction with those around him, as well as those around his skill industry.

He maintained that, “there are things we are truly passionate about and what we always end up becoming.

“In my case, I got lucky and became what I truly have passion for, which is drifting. Although, what I studied, may not be what I’m interested in right now, but it has helped shape who I am today (A drifter)

“Sociology has helped me understand structures, development, and human relationships in my environment.

“You cannot be a drifter unless you understand the structures and developments that surround you. Human relationships are also important.”

According to him, no knowledge is a waste, and it will undoubtedly have an impact on people’s lives in some way.

Bashar is one amongst the few young men from Borno, who have liberated themselves from the challenges of his society through his resilience and hard work.

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