Bobboyi describes school as agent of moral, character building


By Ngozi Nwankwo

Executive Secretary, Universal Basic Education Commission, UBEC Dr. Hamid Bobboyi, has said that school is a socializing agent of moral and character building where responsible functional citizens are developed from the cradle.

He stated that even though there are many other institutions responsible for moulding the character of the teenager, the school plays a major role in the life of a child.

Speaking on Tuesday at a stakeholders meeting on moral regeneration and re-orientation at the Basic Education level in Abuja, Hamid Bobboyi asserted that basic education level is where learners are given the opportunity to equip themselves with moral values, skills and competencies that can assist them in effecting personal and community positive change.

Bobboyi explained that the Commission as an agency of Government is responsible to re-order the situation as it has one of its objectives “to ensure the acquisition of appropriate level of literacy, numeracy, manipulative, communicative and life skills as well as ethical, moral, and civic values.”

In fulfilling this objective, and in relation to the mandate of the Commission, UBEC boss said that the focus is the school, adding that in as much that there are many other institutions responsible for molding the character of the child, the school plays vital role.
“I urge us all to use this opportunity to make meaningful contribution that will assist the Commission in moving the Programme forward specifically at basic education level and in the society in general.

“Be reassured that the Commission believes in the suggestions and recommendations that will be generated from this meeting and is also poised at implementing them.

“The mantra that Education for All is the responsibility of all should be our guiding principle in whatever contributions that would be made here today. This will also go a long way in building a society where people innately demonstrate appropriate behavior, obey law, behave responsibly, and have sense of patriotism.

“In addition, with the reorientation and regeneration of morals, learners at the Basic Education Level, which is seen as the foundation of education, would have appropriate character and value judgment that will make our society peaceful and a place where children growing into adulthood will behave appropriately. The result of this is a Sustainable society where according to Sustainable Development Goal 11, Cities and human settlement is inclusive, safe, and resilient.” he said.

In a welcome address, Director, Teacher Development, Mr. Aleshin Olumayowa said the Commission is working in line with the goals of basic education which according to the National policy on Education is to inculcate values and raise morally upright individuals capable of independent thinking.

He said, “This meeting is one strategy adopted by the Commission to gather information, solicit advice and cooperatively with all find a way forward to address the decadence of moral and value upturn in our society especially at the basic education level.”

The keynote speaker at the workshop, Prof. Soji Oni, a lecturer, Department of Sociology, Faculty of Education, University of Lagos said we need to evaluate our education sector periodically so as to meet the necessary standard.

Oni called on the Ministry of Education and National Orientation Agency, NOA, to sensitise the public on the need to regenerate moral education and promote programmes that would inculcate moral education in our children.