Benue Assembly: Potential Majority Leader allegedly Linked With Terrorism


By Kenneth Atavti 

There are speculations that the representative of Katsina-Ala East Constituency in the Benue State House of Assembly, Mr. Jonathan Agbidye was allegedly linked with terrorism collaborators with the late notorious criminal and renowned terrorist Tarwase Agwaza, alias Ghana.

Mr. Agbidye, it is alleged, was sponsored by late Mr.Agwaza who sent out an army of his terrorist gangster who compelled voters at each polling unit during the 2019 state election making sure Mr. Agbidye was returned elected.

It is also alleged that Agbidye was believed to have been sponsored by Ghana to represent his interest in Government at the state Assembly.

This speculations was fuelled by the arrest of Agbidye in 2019 with a Toyota Hilux vehicle suspected to belong to late Justice Tine Tur, the then Justice of the Court of Appeal.

“The Emergence of Mr. Agbidye was seen as a dangerous precedence especially it was believed with the infiltration of terrorist agents in government may compromise the already tense security situation in Benue state. 

“This time the move to make Mr. Agbidye take office as Majority Leader will be very dangerous to Benue State,” a serving Member of the House spoke on condition of anonymity.

“As I am talking to you now fierce negotiations are ongoing however, few of us are opposed saying that the emergence of Mr. Agbidye as House Leader may impugn negatively on the House, his presumed closeness to late Terwase Agwaza,” the Assembly member said.

Nigerian pilot recalled that operatives of the Nigerian police in Abuja,had arrested the Assembly Member over kidnapping related activities who was later granted administrative bail.