Nigeria – Born Singer taking over Barcelona with music team


Attih Soul and The A Team, are a dynamic music group headed by Singer Attih Soul.
First formed in Abuja Nigeria, the singer relocated to Barcelona. While in Barcelona, Attih sought to recreate his magic and found himself some like-minded musicians and The A Team was reformed.

This team hit the ground running, as they have already performed in some of Barcelona’s most reputable spots like: Ocaña, Hotel Iberostar, Dr. Resin Live Sessions, Hotel Palace/ Bluesman.

This dynamic group has won the hearts of many residents in Barcelona as they always get the audience dancing and their shows are often sold out.

They have made a great name for themselves, such that on the night of their performance at The Hotel Palace Barcelona on the 28th of April 2023, the former President of the United States overheard them and wanted to go watch them.

The former US President, Obama, was with Bruce Springsteen, Steven Spielberg and his wife Michelle.

However, due to the limited space at the Bluesman and because it was packed to its full capacity, they couldn’t get in but rather listened from the entrance.

Obama was reported to have been in Barcelona for Bruce Springsteen’s concert, wished to treat himself to an appetiser from the dynamic musicians, as Attih, who expressed disappointment at not being able to meet Obama, is hopeful that another opportunity would present itself.

According to him, “The team has been booked to play a lot of concerts this summer and he believes that with time, the team will grow in size, notoriety and quality.