Independence anniversary: Our leaders have failed, NLC declared


…says inept and corrupt leaders ran the country aground

By Michael Oche

As Nigeria celebrates its 63rd independence anniversary, the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has said that the continued mismanagement of the country’s resources by successive administration has made it difficult for us a nation and as a people to make sustainable progress.

The Congress said rather, Nigeria has continued to march backwards with every preceding year looking worse than the previous one, adding that “the crisis of leadership is truly the crisis of our national development.”

NLC President, Comrade Joe Ajaero in his independence day message to workers said social disparities have widened, with a yawning gap between the privileged few and the marginalized many, saying access to quality healthcare, education, and basic infrastructure remains a distant dream for millions of Nigerians.

He said, “As we celebrate Nigeria’s 63rd independence anniversary, it is important that we drew our attention to the fact that this nation was once a great nation filled with great hope inspired by great leaders until inept and corrupt leaders took over the helms of affairs and ran the country aground.”

Ajaero said further that “this period of independence must serve as a time when all of us have to seriously seek to question ourselves and thoroughly re-examine our actions as a people and as a nation. We have to soberly reflect on why we have moved from a once prosperous nation to become a country that is the poverty capital of the world with over 133m multi-dimensionally poor people.”

The NLC President said despite the challenges that have beset the country, there is reason for hope, saying that Nigeria remains a nation with enormous potential.

He said, “Our young and dynamic population, if properly empowered, can be the driving force behind our resurgence. It is imperative that we invest in education, skills development, and job creation to harness the untapped potential within our youth.”

He said as as the voice of Nigerian workers, the NLC has tirelessly championed and will continue to champion the rights and welfare of Nigerian workers and people.

He said Nigeriajs must demand accountability from their leaders, adding that the days of impunity and unbridled corruption must come to an end.

He said, “We call on all Nigerians to actively participate in the democratic process, holding our elected officials to the highest standards of integrity and performance.

“As we mark this Independence Day, let us do so with a renewed sense of purpose. Let us acknowledge our past, confront our present challenges, and collectively work towards a brighter future for Nigeria. Together, we can reclaim the greatness that has eluded us for too long. It is time for Nigeria to rise and shine once more as a beacon of hope and prosperity for all its citizens. Remember, when we stand as one refusing to be divided, we will triumph! We call on all Nigerians to join us on the 3rd day of October around Nigeria to begin our march to freedom through the indefinite nationwide strike.”