Suspended strike: Gbajabiamila deserves commendation for his timely negotiation with labour – Mustapha


By Lanre Oloyede

Chieftain of All Progressives Congress, APC, Kachala Mustapha, has stated that the Chief of Staff to the president, Femi Gbajabiamila, deserves to be commended for saving Nigeria from what would have been a nationwide shutdown of economic activities in the country.

In a statement titled ‘Tinubu’s Leadership and Gbajabiamila’s Passion for Negotiation’ issued Tuesday and made available to Nigerian Pilot, Mustapha noted that Gbajabiamila’s timely intervention in the feud between organized labour and federal government was responsible for the suspension of the planned strike.

Recall that Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC and its counterpart Trade Union Congress, TUC, had threatened to embark on an indefinite nationwide industrial action following failure of government to meet up with Labour’s demands for cushioning the effect of fuel subsidy removal by president Bola Ahmed Tinubu in May.

The strike which was scheduled to commence on Tuesday October 3 was last minute averted following a peaceful resolution brokered between Labour and FG spearheaded by Chief of Staff to the president, Gbajabiamila.

The party chieftain commended Gbajabiamila for his significant contributions and important roles, which according to him, resulted in a win-win situation between the labour union and the government.

Mustapha maintained that Gbajabiamila was outstanding in the pursuit of a peaceful resolution of Labour Union over the impact of fuel subsidy removal.

“Kudos to him, in getting a nation to be proud of, it is important other stakeholders imbibe this spirit of patriotism in order to reposition our institutions.

“Recall in 2022 Femi Gbajabiamila played a pivotal role in helping to resolve ASUU vs FG saga…… Attending Meetings upon Meetings between ASUU representatives and Federal Government.

“He has shown over time that his intervention in the most prominent, matured, educated and humane approach is a testimony of his capacity, sagacity and dedication to serving his country. He’s the HERO here.

“We all must rally round to commend those that are very proactive in trying to make sure that the true process of social dialogue to resolve the challenges are put in place.

“At the same time, those who cautioned people who think employment relationship is still old ways of master-servant relationship, must recognize that globally, relationship is now symbiosis, that requires mutual respect from both the employers and the employees.

“What else can adequately describe the Chief of Staff, Femi Gbajabiamila’s compassionate character than a beautiful mediator and a reliable negotiator who thrives in making his principal prosper.

“The fisher of talent, President Bola Tinubu, had discovered how talented he was when he nominated him as the speaker of House of Representatives in 2015.

“The talent discovered by Asiwaju led to his persistent in nominating him again in 2019.

“Alas, he became the speaker and he stood tall, he was distinguished in his role.

“He became a speaker that solves problems.

“A speaker with foresight now a Chief of Staff reliably executing all of his boss’ duties.

“Who else knows Gbajabiamila was the instrument behind the resolution of Dubai visa ban on Nigerians? ….. Time without numbers, nights without sleep, he was up and doing towards its peaceful resolution that sees Nigerians to a peaceful sojourn to the Arab Nation after years of embargo.

“Same Gbaja was instrumental during Asiwaju’s participation at the United Nation General Assembly meeting.

“At the wee hour of the 2023 general elections, in his quest to making the election more inclusive, he sponsored a bill towards making a direct primary as the the sole decider of party’s candidate, this feat shows how passionate he is in making the peoples voice heard.

“While Nigerians were being tortured by Godwin Emefiele with his evil policy that almost put the nation on fire, he was there clamoring for the masses who were at the detriment of the policy.

“He also dialogue between fuel marketers towards making fuel available for the masses in order to bridge scarcity that always aid the hike in transport fees.

“These and many money which can’t be forgotten amongst the human centered interventions that can’t be forgotten in our heart.

“Asiwaju the father of our Democracy should be commended for discovering such huge talent, not to forget is his role in bringing out the talent in Gbaja which in turn had seen to a greater contribution towards the greater future of our nation,” the statement read in parts.