APC chieftain slams UN, world leaders over human rights violations in N/Korea


Secretary of the All Progressives Congress, APC, South Korea Chapter, Chief Jumbo D. Ndukwo, has, Ndukwo accused prominent world leaders and the UN General Assembly (UNGA), UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) and the UN Security Council (UNSC) of not doing enough to expose and end cases of human rights oppression in North Korea.

Ndukwo warned that the collective political-will by the international community and the United Nations to adopt a resolution to legally prosecute North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un could be the key to bringing a much needed panacea to worsening human rights conditions in the Asian country.

The party chieftain spoke with journalists on Saturday while attending the “Banana Island Multicultural Festival”, an event organised by the The Korean Cultural Centre in collaboration with the Banana Island Property Owners and Residents’ Association in Lagos, Nigeria.

While calling for concercted action to end Jong-un’s “brutal regime”, he
likened the North Korea leader to late African leader, Idi-Amin Dada often regarded as Uganda’s and Africa’s worst dictator.

Ndukwo, who highlighted Jong-un’s alleged crimes, asserted that he would be made to answer for allegations of gross military provocations and human rights abuses in his country.

He said: “Just like Idi Amin, Kim Jong un has built political prison camps where he is perpetrating grave human rights violations such as imprisonment, torture and execution of dissidents.

“Furthermore, he has even confined individuals with intellectual disabilities or mental illnesses in separate facilities, where they become subjects of inhumane experiments.”

Ndukwo urged world leaders and international organisations to ignore China and Russia’s refusal to sanction North Korea’s leadership, but rather inflict weighty disciplinary measures on Kim Jong-un such as the issuance of an International arrest warrant like the case of Putin in Russia.

He warned that Jong-un’s oppressive regime posed a threat to world peace.

“In particular, the North Korean regime uses forced labour and exploits the workforce in the prison camps to earn a massive amount of foreign currency to advance its nuclear and missile capabilities.

“You remember that on Aug. 17, UNSC held an open session on human rights abuses in North Korea for six years, but failed to adopt a resolution due to a lack of support from China and Russia.

“China and Russia seemingly have little incentive to deter North Korea’s human rights abuses and provocations including ballistic missile launches, but rather demand the international community to lift sanctions against the North.

“This is not a responsible attitude as a permanent member of the UNSC,” Ndukwo stressed.

The party stalwart urged the international community not to consider Jong-un’s atrocities with levity but utilise UN’s human rights and law enforcement mechanisms to bring the perpetrator of heinous crimes to justice through a special court.

Also, Ndukwo called on the UNSC to provide more opportunities to discuss and bring to light North Korea’s military provocations and human rights abuses as well as pursue measures including the adoption of an additional resolution against the North Korea in order to address the problems.

He said: “As an ex-ante measure, it is necessary to name Kim Jong-un in North Korea Human Rights Resolution, pursued by the UNGA and UNHRC every year.

“Though it may be difficult to realize this goal in a short period of time, strong engagement from the international community itself will put an immense pressure on Kim Jong-un.

“While the international community failed to fully account for Idi Amin’s crimes against humanity, we hope that they will not repeat the same mistake in the case of Kim Jong-un.”