Revenue leakages: FCTA stops manual booking for vehicles


By Chioma Nnodim

Directorate of the Road Traffic Services of the Federal Capital Territory Administration, FCTA, has stopped manual booking and billing for vehicles in the Federal Capital City.

Director, Directorate of Road Traffic Services, DRTS, popularly known as VIO, Dr Abdulateef Bello made this disclosure during training on paperless booking and e-billing system for the agency’s operational workers in Abuja on Wednesday.

He said the exercise was initiated to curb revenue leakages, promote transparency and effectiveness in the traffic management system.

According to him, the e-ticketing will first commence in the city centre because of the heavy traffic being experienced before extending it to the suburbs in few days to come.

The director explained that the system would allow offenders to appeal or protest unsatisfactory bookings, promote justice and address discrepancies.

Bello said: “This evolution will empower DRTS officers to serve the public better by delivering services that are not only seamless but efficient and transparent.

“The new paperless system exemplifies our commitment to leveraging on a cutting-edge technology to serve our community with unparalleled efficiency and integrity while actively eliminating the challenges posed by the continued use of the manual system.

“It will also help us to manage fines and ticketing system while minimizing revenue leakages. With this system, we will have a comprehensive record of all transactions, which indicates that every money rightfully owed to the government is collected and accounted for.

“The system offers seamless payment options for offenders, enhancing the overall experience for those interacting with our services.

“It provides ease of access to penalty records from various endpoints, complete with audit trail history and other related data analytics, ensuring accountability and informed decision -making.”

The training was attended by all operational staff from the twenty-two commands of the Federal Capital Territory Directorate of Road Traffic Services, DRTS.