Musical group insist United Africa will rule the world


By Ere-ebi Agedah

A music group, Millions Cry has called for a more United Africa to take its pride of place in global affairs, saying the continent with its huge potentials should not occupy the back seat.

During a Media chat in Abuja, the Founder of Millions Cry Music, Kadilo Brown said Africa can command global respect if it pulls together natural, physical, spiritual and intellectual resources together.

She said her group had composed an Anthem for Africa and an inspirational song titled “Arise Africa” which seeks to raise the consciousness of all Africans all over the world on the need to contribute in raising the continent to the giant it is.

She said, “The song goes back to history to remind us of our roots, to remind us of the history of especially Africans that are in Diaspora, to remind us that we had some unfortunate moments and we had terrible experiences.

“And our wealth were taken away, our inheritance destroyed, and all that. We should remind ourselves of that fact, and that it’s time for us to come together and build Africa.

“The song also tries to remind us that Africans were used to build the world, the developed world. Africans played a strategic role in developing and building the developed world.

“Now it is time for Africans to come back home and build Africa. Even if they’re not coming back home, wherever they are, we’ll put our hands together and make sure we build the continent of Africa. And we bring the continent of Africa to the limelight to the effect that Africa will rule the world”, she noted.

She further highlighted that her group raises the passion of the people on the need to redirect their focus, attention on God, and to always seek His help.

“So, as we are trying to get Africa to take back its position and to come back to the limelight and to rule the world, we’re also looking up to God to give us the help that we need for the restoration of Africa”, she added.