it is no longer a secret the hoax going on as election judgements in Nigeria following the fall out of the last general election. What baffles us is why the judiciary has chosen to bastardize the will of the people on the alter of cash and carry judgement.

    On February 25, 2023, due to the abysmal performance of our then representative Dr. Martins Oke, our People, youths, women and our fathers went out enmass to massively elect Hon. Stainless Nwodo as our choice to represent us at the lower chamber of the National Assembly. His overwhelming victory as announced by INEC was celebrated by all and sundry in the hooks and crannies of Igbo-Etiti/ Uzo-uwani Communities. Alas we will witness a breath of fresh air through his assured quality representation.

    Unfortunately, some political class who have accused him of being a pauper, a servant and a poor driver who is son of nobody vowed he is not fit to represent them. Consequently, they ganged up, through their vexatious attitudes and political hirelings throwing tantrums and engaged in menial job of character assassination against him. One wonders when it became crime to come from a humble background. Hon. Stainless Nwodo never denied his humble beginning. A yesteryears he is always proud of though worked so hard to come to limelight.

    This qualities made us to vote for him as a leader in whom we can relate with. We recall with nostalgia how he pitched tent with the honourable speaker of the house of representatives when he was contesting for the office of speakership. His only reason was that unlike others that we’re sharing money, he saw Hon. TJ Abbas as a leader with vision who have the capacity to unite the nation. An action which he was wrongfully accused of hobnobbing with the APC. He was also accused of anti party activities because of his relationship with the governor of Enugu State His Excellency Dr. Peter Mbah simply because he was alligning for partnerships that will bring meaningful development and livelihood to the people of Igbo-Etiti/Uzouwani Constituency. We sincerely hope that the speaker will not sit back and watch this judicial barbarism stand. The judiciary mut be called to other. Irrespective of the excesses and quackery of this judges, we still believe in some good judges in the Judiciary. The president of the National Judicial Institute, president of Court of Appeal, the justices of the Supreme Court, the Nigerian Bar Association and all well meaning Nigerians must rise in defence of the image of the judiciary and Nigeria which is gradually becoming an object of mockry among the committees of nation.

    We the concerned youths of Igbo-Etiti/Uzo-uwani Federal Constituency will resist this kangaroo judgement because every egalitarian society is built on justice, equity and fairness and not on unjustified justice from some bunch of paid dishonourable judges. We reject this unwholesome justice it’s entirety.

    The people has the right to choose who will lead them irrespective of their class, creed, religion, tribe or political affiliation. We the good people of Igbo-Etiti/Uzo-uwani Federal Constituency made our choice in Hon. Stainless Nwodo and the judiciary must not dash our hopes and aspirations on the alter of cash and carry. We are aware of what conspired and the conspirators. At the appropriate time we will call them to book.

    At this juncture, we want to commend our legitimate leader and representative Hon. Stainless Nwodo. Thank you for your selfless leadership. Thank you for the glimpse of hope you gave us. We will stand with you and by you. Though the darkness of the night may endure, surely there must be dawn of a new day. We the concerned youths and every well meaning Nigerians will be with you through this thick and thin moment. This few greedy and selfish elites who vowed to buy our mandate and yet seems to have accomplished the threat, only time will tell as we will not relent nor give up.

    Comrade Chijioke Ugwuoke
    For Concerned Youths of Igbo-Etiti/ Uzo-uwani Federal Constituency