SHE Retreat sets to Empower emerging female leaders through self-discovery


    By Palma Ileye

    In a dedicated effort to cultivate self-awareness and uplift young women on their leadership journey, The Propelled Life Coaching Company is set to host a groundbreaking one-day retreat, with the theme, “BEHOLD to EmpowerHer.”

    According to the organisers, this transformative event is meticulously crafted to guide emerging female leaders through the realms of self-awareness, identity, and the triumph over past traumas that may hinder their potential.

    The SHE Retreat, (STRENGTH, HEALING AND EXPANSION): which is scheduled for 18th November 2023 at the tranquil Cafe One, Palms Mall, Ring Road, Ibadan – a picturesque setting perfect for introspection and growth, guarantees a series of enlightening sessions aimed at nurturing the minds and hearts of young women.

    Sessions at the retreat included:
    This unique retreat encompasses a carefully curated series of engaging sessions designed to address the distinctive challenges faced by young women, including:
    Self-Awareness and Overcoming Pain, Hurt, or Trauma: Guided by experienced facilitators specializing in trauma recovery.
    Self-Awareness and Its Role in Leadership: Equipping attendees with tools to leverage strengths and confidently navigate challenges.

    Self-Awareness and Communication in Relationships: Exploring the vital link between self-awareness and effective communication in various aspects of life.

    Mental and Emotional Well-being: Providing insights into self-care practices and strategies for maintaining a healthy life.

    Spearheaded by Sefe Osinoiki, a seasoned coach and mentor, the SHE Retreat is born out of her fervent passion for empowering young leaders, especially women.

    All young women aspiring to enhance their self-awareness and leadership skills are cordially invited to join this transformative day. The SHE Retreat (Strength, Healing, and Expansion) promises an environment of growth, connection, and empowerment. Seize this opportunity to invest in yourself and connect with like-minded individuals on a similar journey towards leadership and self-discovery.

    The retreat is also scheduled to commence at 11 am, guaranteeing a day of immersive experiences and invaluable insights.