Ebonyi: P.Noble hails Architect Asaga Nwali on chieftaincy title, humanitarian interventions


By Blessing Bature

Member, representing Afikpo North East Constituency, Ebonyi State House of Assembly (EBHA), Hon Chief Oluchukwu Ukie Ezeali (P-Noble), has lauded a hotelier, Architect Chief Christian Asaga Nwali, on his latest chieftaincy title of the “Ide Jiulo 1 of Izzi Nnodo Kingdom” by the entire Izzi Nnodo community in Ebonyi State.

In a statement on Monday, Ezeali said that Nwali’s recognition by his people is as a result of his philanthropic activities and humanitarian interventions, including employing over 500 Nigerians, scholarship programs, marriage sponsorship of his employees, among others.

The statement read: “I want to congratulate my beloved brother and friend, Arc. Chief Christian Asaga Nwali , Mnia, MEHF, on his meritorious recognition and conferment of the latest Chieftaincy title of the Ide Jiulo 1 of Izzi Nnodo Kingdom by the entire Izzi Nnodo community.

According to the statement, “The latest chieftaincy title is another evidence of the value he has been adding to humanity for time immemorial, especially with regards to human capital development, economic development of Ebonyi state in particular and Nigeria in general.

“Having previously been conferred with chieftaincy titles as Odozie Obodo 1 of Ameka Ikwo and Uzochukwu wara 1 of Ekpelu Kingdom in Ikwo LGA, the numerous recognitions are indeed testaments of his acceptance by his people.

“As a successful, self-made businessman, Chief Christian Asaga Nwali has impacted so much on the Izzi Nnodo, Ikwo local government area (LGA) and Ebonyi state in general, through his philanthropic activities, employment opportunities for the youth and other humanitarian interventions.

“He is an outstanding personality in all ramifications as the MD/CEO of C-Sagas Projects Nig. Ltd., who has always seen it as a point of duty to add to the human capital development of Ebonyians through the construction of many beneficial projects.

“It is on record that he has distributed brand new cars to over 100 youths, whom he deemed necessary to empower for them to contribute their quotas to the development of Ebonyi state in particular and Nigeria in general.

“He has sponsored the marriages of many of his employees, including empowering them in diverse ways to cater for their young families as newly-wedded men or women, with the philanthropic activities he engages in during the yuletide always the talk of the town.”

He added: “With over 500 employees in his establishments like Cirenes Hotels in Kpiri-Kpiri, Abakaliki, Exclusive Serene Hotel and Suites in New Haven, Enugu and Exclusive Serene Hotel and Suites in Wuye, Abuja, Chief Christian Asaga Nwali has always endeavoured to help the state and federal government in lifting Nigerians out of poverty and giving hope to the less privileged in Nigeria.

“His humanitarian interventions and philanthropic activities are uncountable, including scholarships to students of secondary schools and tertiary institutions, establishing businesses for people, sponsoring marriages, securing federal government jobs for Ebonyians, cash gifts to his workers, among others.

“As Arnold Henry Glasow (1905–98), a humourist and successful American businessman, would say: “Success is simple. Do what’s right, the right way, at the right time. It doesn’t take great men to do things, but it is doing things that make men great.”

“Chief Christian Asaga Nwali has indeed proven himself a great and successful man by living a simple life aimed at adding value to humanity, including residents of Ebonyi state in particular and Nigeria in general.

“His life is indeed a testimony and the people who are rejoicing because of him is a testament to the fact that he lives his life daily in a way that pleases God, hence the bountiful blessings and recognitions that follow him wherever he goes.

“Therefore, as we celebrate his meritorious recognition and conferment as the Ide Jiulo 1 of Izzi Nnodo Kingdom, I will implore Chief Christian Asaga Nwali not to be distracted by detractors to continue doing good, but to focus on adding more value to humanity.

“As Henry Wadsworth Longfellow rightly observed in “A Psalm of Life”: “Lives of great men all remind us, we can make our lives sublime, and, departing, leave behind us, footprints on the sands of time.” Chief Christian Asaga Nwali has written his path and will continue being a shining star and reference point in Ebonyi and the entire Nigeria.”