Alleged Corruption: CSO Demands Removal of MD North East Devt Commission


…says Asiwaju cannot afford to destroy his government with corrupt elements.

A civil society organization, Renewed Hope Apostles Against Corruption, has called for the removal of the managing director of the North East Development Commission (NEDC), Mr Mohammed Alkali, over acts of alleged corruption, nepotism, and highhandedness.

The group in a statement signed by the president, Olumide Dara, delivered during a press conference in Abuja, cited flagrant abuse of procurement processes and contract inflation, among a host of other infractions committed by Mohammed Goni Alkali, the managing director of the NEDC.

While demanding appropriate action in the interest of the nation, the group stated that President Bola Ahmed Tinubu cannot afford to destroy the nation with allegedly corrupt elements who are bent tarnishing the image of the president administration.

” what has been perpetuated at the NEDC is mind-boggling. It is an era of stealing by proxy. How can you explain a situation where the son of the managing director is the number one contractor? He does whatever he wants, and the big deals at the commission are only executed by him.”

The statement added that since President Bola Tunubu’ reappointed, the managing director , he has gone on a vindictive spree, marking out those he perceived as enemies.

” Remember that there were some issues around his reappointment. It was because former President Muhammadu Buhari was aware of the infractions he committed and decided not to renew his appointment. Instead, Umar Abubakar Hashidu was nominated as MD.CEO”

” President Bola Tinubu later renominated him, and the Senate subsequently confirmed him. This is indicative of the person of Mohammed Goni Alkali. He is such a corrupt and vindictive individual who has little tolerance. This has been the hallmark of his tenure at the NEDC.”

” I can tell you this without fear: Mohammed Goni Alkali has diverted monies running into billions from the coffers of the NEDC. There is nothing to show for his years of stewardship of the NEDC. What you see are little projects but elaborate media attention.”

It was also alleged that Mohammed Goni Alkali refused to declare his assets upon his appointment as managing director of the NEDC.

” We have evidence that he refused to declare his assets. This is very appalling and evidenced in how he has administered the NEDC. Can such an individual without regard for extant laws be productive in service to the country?”

“Take a look at the interventions of the NEDC concerning the quantum of funds it has received. There are zero infrastructural interventions; the people affected by the Boko Haram insurgency have been neglected and exploited by the MD and his cohorts led by his son.”

“Mohammed Goni Alkali does not have any business heading the NEDC. Ironically, he is from the North East, and he was expected to be sincere in his dealings, but the other way is the case. He has enriched himself and his assets in the federal capital territory, and Kaduna runs into billions.”

“It was indeed a blunder by President Bola Tinubu to have reappointed him. His activities would make a mess of the Bola Tinubu administration. Such individuals are worse than the devil. It is amazing that an individual would have the conscience to divert funds meant to ease the suffering of people affected by conflict.”

” Take the example of how he authorized the withdrawal of N5 billion from the commission account to purchase military vehicles without recourse to the board. Who does that? What does that tell you? Can he account for the way and manner in which over 100 billion vanished from the coffers of the NEDC?”

” President Bola Tinubu must correct this mistake. The president was ill-advised to believe that Mohammed Goni Alkali was suitable as managing director of the NEDC. The only option for the president is to sack him and mandate the anti-corruption agencies to investigate his tenure.”

” Nigerians would be shocked by the revelation that an individual could commit such an infraction while still walking free. Contract splitting, diversions of funds, nonexistent contracts, defacto contractor, and many others.”

” Our position is clear. We are calling for the sack of Mohammed Goni Alkali as the managing director of the NEDC. This is in the best interest of the long-suffering of our brothers and sisters in the North East and Nigeria.”

It would be recalled that the House of Representatives commenced investigations into alleged infractions committed by the managing director of the NEDC in the twilight of the previous administration, over acts of alleged corruption, nepotism, and highhandedness.