Experts in science and Technology sector dialogue to deploy AI framework to enhance Nigeria’s public sector


By Eunice Orike

Experts in the science and technology sector has met to deliberate and deploy a policy framework on the use of Artificial Intelligence in Nigeria’s public sector.

The Director General of National Center for Technology Management, NACETEM, Dr Olushola Odunsanya in an interview section with journalist, at the Policy Dialogue on Artificial Intelligence in the Public Sector in Abuja, said that it is imperative to dialogue on a policy framework that will guide the use of artificial intelligence to gain it’s benefits in the society.

According to him,such powerful tools have their boundaries and with the use of the technologies spreading rapidly in public, it is important to have a framework that will guide the use of artificial intelligence in organisational operations.

He noted that NACETEM has taken it upon itself to make sure that the country set the pace for AI policy dialogue.

Odunsanya also hinted that use of artificial intelligence has existed long before now and people are deploying the use subconsciously or cautiously.

“Everytime you pick up your phone to order a ride in a vehicle you are already using artificial intelligence, but in the public sector it will provide opportunity for us to analyse data and get information across board in a very simple way

“The use of such technologies is spreading within public service, we have public service organisations like the millitary, logistics and personnel deployment and all of that. They are using artificial intelligence and all of that and the question remains, do we have a framework for the use of such powerful technology? Do we even understand the boundaries of such technology?” he said.

He said that NACETEM being an agency whose mandate is to train middle and high-level manpower and also to infuse new technology into the public sector, found out it was necessary to gather all the necessary organs of government to begin the first stages of policy development which is to make several forms of dialogue and then hopefully develop a frame work that will help with the use of such powerful technology.

“The job of NACETEM is to help the government plan better and give eyes to the government so that those who make decisions will have informed decisions. This is why we are gathering together for us to begin the levels of dialogue. Among the things we also do at NACETEM is, we see ourselves as a finishing school.”

“Those who go to university can now come and get certification and go online to learn more things and get certification and get that finishing opportunities that will allow them to work anywhere in the world and also work progressively for Nigerians progress

“So these are the body of things that make us feel that if we are going to use such a powerful tool, it is also important for us to begin to dialogue about the framework under which we will use such tools so that we don’t go out of context”, he said.

Earlier, the group CEO and Co-founder of Sappital Amu Ogbeide said that Artificial Intelligence if properly utilized would enhance interactions and works, productivity within the public sector.

“Technology is moving very fast and with artificial intelligent its almost like accelerating, so we are seeing like a bit of fear, like some people are like am scared of it. But the honest truth is that it has come to stay. It is going to improve the way we work,” he said.

The founder of Horizon International University Efon Alaye Ekiti State, Prof Ajibade Abiodun Michael said that AI will speed up the concept of developmental process within the ministry, parastals, agencies and even the private sector.