Group lauds achievements of MD of North East devt commission


…Says allegations of corruption baseless

A civil society group, Coalition of Civil Society Organisations in Nigeria (COCSON) has lauded the achievements of the Managing Director of North East Development Commission (NEDC), Mr. Mohammad Alkali, saying his efforts is yielding positive transformation in the commission.

The group speaking through it’s Publicity Secretary, Mr. Ibrahim Abubakar during a press conference on Saturday, rejected allegations against Mr. Alkali, describing it as baseless and unfounded.

While addressing the press, Mr Abubakar said, “Today, the Coalition of Civil Society Organisations in Nigeria (COCSON) have gathered in Lagos to express our firm support for the Managing Director of the North East Development Commission (NEDC) amidst recent criticism and accusations of corruption. We are here today to shed light on the significant contributions made by the Managing Director and to challenge the baseless allegations that have been directed towards him.

“The North East Development Commission was established by an Act of the National Assembly in 2017 with the primary objective of facilitating the reconstruction, rehabilitation, and sustainable development of the North East region, which has been ravaged by years of conflict. Since its inception, the NEDC, under the leadership of the Managing Director, has played a pivotal role in bringing relief and transforming the lives of the people in the North East.

“It is deeply concerning to witness accusations of corruption being leveled against the Managing Director without any substantial evidence, particularly considering his unwavering dedication to the region’s advancement. These allegations appear to be driven by ulterior motives, aimed at undermining the progress achieved by the NEDC under his capable leadership.

“COCSON wholeheartedly expresses our support for the Managing Director and firmly rejects these baseless accusations. We urge the public to carefully evaluate the accomplishments and impact of the NEDC under his guidance. The NEDC has successfully implemented a wide range of projects that have positively impacted countless lives in the region.”

Speaking further he stated that, from the development of critical infrastructure to the improvement of healthcare services, from educational support initiatives to the promotion of economic empowerment, the NEDC has consistently strived towards sustainable development in the North East. It is evident that the Managing Director’s tireless efforts have ushered in positive transformations, underscoring his unwavering commitment to the betterment of the region and its people.

“While we emphasize the importance of accountability and transparency in governance, it is imperative to differentiate between legitimate concerns and malicious intent. We call upon the relevant authorities to conduct a fair and impartial investigation into the allegations, ensuring that due process is followed. Our objective is to preserve the integrity of our institutions while safeguarding the progress made in the North East.

“In conclusion, the Coalition of Civil Society Organisations in Nigeria (COCSON) proudly stands in support of the Managing Director of the North East Development Commission. We urge the public and concerned authorities to recognize his outstanding achievements and remarkable contributions in spearheading sustainable development and progress in the North East. Let us not allow unfounded allegations to overshadow the invaluable work being carried out in the region,” he said.