KACRAN commends Gov Buni’s palliative distribution to pastoralists, tasks NGF to emulate


Kulen Allah Cattle Rearers Association of Nigeria, KACRAN, has firmly held the belief that ensuring justice and fairness for every citizen, irrespective of their tribe, occupation, religion, political beliefs, or geographical background, is the cornerstone for promoting peace, mutual understanding, unity, brotherhood, genuine affection, and progress in any society, whether at the community, local government, state, or federal level.

According to KACRAN statement issued by its National President, Hon. Bello Mohd Khalil, stated that, “It is this understanding of the importance of this principle that has led to Governor Mai Mala Buni’s exceptional performance in governance and his relationships with the people of his State and Nigerians as a whole.”

KACRAN in the statement expressed its appreciation and highest commendation for the Governor’s consistent support towards addressing the issues affecting our members, particularly the pastoralists in the state noting that this commendation is especially heartfelt during this critical time when pastoralists in some states are neglected and marginalized, deprived of their rights and access to social amenities.

The statement read, “We have solid evidence to support our stance and highlight the following points: Due to Governor Mai Mala Buni’s kindness and compassion, he directed the hardworking and dedicated Executive Secretary of the State Emergency Management Agency, SEMA), Dr. Mohammed Goje, to immediately provide palliative materials to the pastoralists in the state. Dr. Goje promptly executed this directive, ensuring that the relief materials were delivered to the doorstep of the pastoralists.

“We are immensely grateful for His Excellency’s magnanimous gesture, especially since Nigerians are currently enduring the hardships caused by the Federal government’s sudden removal of oil subsidy, which has led to soaring prices of essential commodities.

“Governor Mai Mala Buni, in his commitment to fostering peace and harmony between herders and farmers in Yobe State, firmly directed all 17 local government chairmen to establish Farmers/Herders peace-making committees in their respective areas. The primary objective of these committees is to resolve conflicts arising from reckless cattle rearing and the destruction of farmlands, particularly at a time when farmers are busy with harvest activities.

“Governor Buni also cautioned herders against encroaching on farmlands or facing consequences. Farmers, on the other hand, were urged to refrain from encroaching on grazing reserves or obstructing cattle routes. These directives are currently on the process of implementation across the state’s local governments.

“This strong warning/directive by His Excellency, to the state Local Government Chairmen underscores his sincere commitment to maintaining peace and unity in his beloved state.

“For pastoralists, nothing is more concerning than the massive encroachment or complete blockage of cattle routes across the country. Such encroachment has become a major cause of insecurity in the nation. Preventing this encroachment is crucial for fostering lasting peace between farmers and herders, who are partners in progress.

“Governor Buni’s stern warning to herders to allow farmers to access their farmlands is another significant step towards maintaining peace in the state. Peace and understanding can only be achieved when herders stop destroying farmers’ lands and farmers refrain from encroaching on grazing reserves dedicated to cattle rearing and livestock movement between grazing areas and water points.

“Considering Governor Mai Mala Buni’s noteworthy efforts, which have brought joy to both farmers and herders in Yobe State, we, the Kulen Allah Cattle Rearers Association of Nigeria, KACRAN, as direct beneficiaries of these positive actions, earnestly implore all Northern Governors and the Federal Government to learn from his leadership. It is our sincere belief that by doing so, justice and fairness will prevail for all Nigerians. This will greatly contribute to the nation’s security and development, as every Nigerian will be motivated to actively participate in nation-building.”

Finally, it continued, “We extend our heartfelt gratitude not only to His Excellency, Hon. Mai Mala Buni, for his compassionate actions which have alleviated our hardships but also to Dr. Mohammed Goje, the Executive Secretary of SEMA, for his prompt response to the Governor’s directive. We also acknowledge the Executive Chairmen of Potiskum, Fika, Fune, Jakusko, Damaturu, Gujba Tarmowa, and Bade Local Governments for their efforts in preserving and protecting grazing reserves and cattle routes in their respective areas. Moreover, we call on all local government chairmen in Yobe State to assist herders by providing them with portable drinking water for themselves and their livestock.”