Same-sex marriage abominable, punishable by God – Group


By Olugbenga Salami

As social vices and crimes continue to spread globally, the Muslim Media Watch Group of Nigeria, MMWG, has warned Muslims in particular and Nigerians in general not to regard gay otherwise called same-sex marriage as being part of civilization, rather they should see it as abominable sin punishable by Almighty God.

MMWG, in a statement jointly signed by its National Coordinator Alhaji Abdullahi Ibrahim and the National Secretary, Dr. Nasir Balogun, and released on Thursday, informed that since 2014, Same-sex Prohibition Act had been signed into law having been passed by the National Assembly.

The group, therefore, maintained that it has become a serious crime in Nigeria punishable with 14 years imprisonment for anyone convicted for practising gay, same-sex marriage, homosexuality and lesbianism, adding that those that attend or participate in the events to celebrate the crimes are also culpable.

It, however, noted with serious concern that though offenders are being arrested in Nigeria on the basis of the existing law, diligent prosecutions are not being done to ensure that culprits are punished.

MMWG, then called on all security agencies in Nigeria not to treat any crime with levity, pointing out that as long as the law of a crime is not repealed, it remains punishable in the court of law.

Chronicling some events on the crimes of gay, the group stated that “on the 30th of August this year, Police arrested 47 men in Lagos State for the offence. On the 23rd of October, this year, 76 suspects were also arrested in Gombe State for similar crime.

“In the South East, over 100 offenders were equally arrested in August this year while on December 19th last year, gay wedding organizers were also arrested in Kano.

“In all these arrests, the Muslim Media Watch Group accused security agencies of weakening actions that did not result in prosecution of offenders.”

It, therefore, called of the federal and state governments across the Federation to attach utmost importance to all laws in order to rid Nigeria of all crimes and social vices.

The group condemned in totality the what it called ‘the so-called human right organizations promoting and supporting gay, homosexuality and same-sex marriage in Africa, referring to them as enemies of the society; adding that criminality in whatever form must be checked to make our society better.

It referred to Chapter 7 Verses 80 and 81 of the Glorious Qur’an where Almighty Allah legislated against the crimes of same-sex marriage, homosexuality and lesbianism, warning that “no human rights campaign can legitimise what Almighty God has forbidden.”