Jay Boogie shows off stunning body from Curvy Girls Essentials, apologizes to Nigerians


In a compelling video that has recently surfaced online, controversial transgender and social media personality, Daniel Anthony Nsikan, popularly known as Jay Boogie, has taken the internet by storm as he reveals his transformative journey following his alleged botched cosmetic surgery.

Recall that Jay Boogie had earlier caused a bit of a stir on social media when he accused Curvy Girls Essentials of performing a failed surgery which led to a series of complications. Jay Boogie also said the hospital should be held responsible if anything happens to him.

He also took it further by requesting public donations online, claiming that he has spent all his life savings on treatment, and he is unaware if he would survive the condition, to which people made donations.

After weeks of silence and no information concerning his whereabouts, health status and updates as regards the large amount of money sent to him by donors, he was accused of deceiving Nigerians and faking his situation.

However, in a shocking twist of event, Jay-Boogie makes a public appearance in a video interview with popular skit maker, Egungun looking hale and hearty and transformed with evidence of a very successful plastic surgery.

In the video, he tendered his unreserved apology to Nigerians, kneeling and claiming it was not his intention to scam people.
He appreciated those who contributed money and prayed that God blessed them before adding that news of him defrauding people was all fake news and that was why he is clearing his name.

However, he did not go into detail to confirm the severity of his alleged complications and if indeed, there was a failed surgery as he appeared totally transformed.