Christmas: Keep Hope Alive, Uba Sani Tells Christians


* Says we can trust God’s light to conquer darkness

By Mathew Dadiya

Kaduna State governor, Uba Sani has urged Christians to keep hope alive in line with the Christmas message saying light shines brightest in the dark.

“Merry Christmas to our Christian brothers and sisters. May the love, joy and peace that Christmas heralds be yours this season and always. I share with you in the joy and blessings of the birth of Jesus Christ,” Governor Sani posted the message on his official Facebook page on Christma.

According to him, Jesus was born in the dark of the night; a lone star shone brightly and led the wise men to where the newborn was.

“We must, therefore, keep hope alive in tune with the Christmas message that even when things seem dark, we can trust God’s light to conquer it.

“As you reflect on his exemplary life, let’s emulate his legacy of justice, love, forgiveness, peace, compassion and care for the downtrodden,” the governor added

Governor Uba Sani urged Christians to live by the virtues of Jesus and shun greed, corruption, oppression of the poor and all vices that exacerbate life’s challenges.

However, he stressed, “We all have roles to play. Your individual patriotic efforts in building our state and nation, when put together, amounts to much.”

Sani said that the passing year has been full of challenges, noting there has also been progress in some areas, for which the State must be grateful to the Almighty God.

“The passing year reminds us of two Christmas symbols: light and darkness. We went through a highly competitive election, we braved economic vicissitudes and security challenges.

“Though we are yet to overcome our economic and security challenges, sustained efforts are being made by Federal and State Governments to turn things around and create opportunities for the Nigerian people. Our people shall see light at the end of this darkness.

“In my Christmas message before the 2023 General Elections, I made a passionate appeal to the good people of Kaduna State to give me their mandate. I committed to move Kaduna State forward,” he said.

He said the people trusted him and mandated him to take the great state to a higher level.

“Since my assumption of office on May 29, 2023, our administration has been working tirelessly to deliver good governance and the benefits of democracy.

“The state is working in tandem with the Federal Government to mitigate the challenges of insecurity.

“In the first six months of our administration, we rebuilt trust, brought succour to the poor, and commenced the execution of our Rural Transformation Agenda aimed at revitalizing the economies of the rural areas through massive infrastructural development.

“The 2024 Budget is designed to effectively implement the 7 pillars of our SUSTAIN Agenda and the central policy thrust of our administration, Rural Transformation. We are determined to make Kaduna State a model of development and inclusive governance in Nigeria.”

Uba Sani urged the people to bear in mind that “the two most important miracles of Christmas are restoration and hope.”

The governor assured that as a government, “we won’t leave any stone unturned in the effort to heal the wounds of the past and rekindle our hope for rebirth in the new year. Keep hope alive.”