2024: We’re building a state where no one feels marginalized, says Gov Sani*


By Mathew Dadiya

Governor of Kaduna State, Senator Uba Sani has assured Nigerians and the people of Kaduna that this new year 2024 will be different because his administration will ensure no one gets marginalized or oppressed.

The governor explained that 2024 would be a year of possibilities and good tidings for Nigeria.

In his New Year Message to the people of Kaduna State on Monday in the state, Uba Sani stressed that ” the year 2023 taught us that we must at all times prepare for the rainy day.”

The governor noted that 2023 was a year of seed sowing and lesson learning, adding, “We sowed the seed of good governance and development when we elected new leaders and representatives at national and sub-national levels.

“2024 heralds good tidings as we join hands together to turn things around. Focus, hard work and commitment will lead us to the path of restoration and happiness.

“Let us recommit ourselves to the progress and development of Nigeria. Let us join hands to make Kaduna State the model of development and peaceful coexistence in Nigeria.

“It taught us that we must be prepared to take hard decisions in good time to avoid unpleasant consequences in the future. It also taught us that the people remain the centre of development and governance.

“My fellow compatriots, I congratulate you for making it to 2024. The past year 2023 was a particularly challenging one.

“Though tasked almost to the limits on all fronts, we persevered and marched on with determination and courage. We are indeed a resilient people with an abiding faith in the Almighty God.”

He said: “We possess the attributes of nations that have made giant progress. Such nations were honed in the furnace of struggle.

“They saw every difficulty or challenge as an opportunity to better their situation; they did not indulge endlessly in lamentations, they dragged their nations by the scruffs of the neck to higher heights.

“The progress and development their nations achieved have endured because they did not come by happenstance. They were products of vision, mission, focus, grit, determination and uncommon commitment.”

In the last six months, he emphasized that his administration has left no one in doubt as to their determination to carry everyone along; “better the lots of our dear citizens and take Kaduna State to a higher level”

Governor Sani said, “We are building a state where no one will feel oppressed, marginalized or neglected.

“We are taking development closer to the people through the Rural Transformation and Nurturing of Citizens Engagement initiatives.”

He said his administration is closing the infrastructure and human capital gaps and promoting social inclusion, assuring, “We are securing the state for the people and their investments.”

“In all we do, we get the people involved because we are merely servants of the people. We are conscious of the fact that if we alienate ourselves from the people we govern, we endanger this democracy we fought hard for,” he said.

However, the Kaduna governor revealed that the unfortunate Tudun Biri incident brought out the best in the people of Kaduna State.

Uba Sani added, “We grieved together, worked together to bring relief to the injured and families of the victims, and together warded off the machinations and advances of conflict entrepreneurs.

“We are one people and must march forward as ONE FAMILY. The promises made by the Federal Government, National Assembly, Nigeria Governors Forum, Corporate Organizations well-meaning Nigerians are being gradually fulfilled.

“We shall effectively monitor the execution of the intervention programmes for the Tudun Biri Community.”