Senate majority leader canvasses local, national collaboration to tackle insecurity


By Kayode Abdulazeez, Ilorin

Senator representing Kwara Southh senatorial district, Lola Ashiru, has raised alarm over increasing level of insecurity in some parts of the state, especially, Kwara South senatorial district, describing the development as alarming.

Speaking with journalists in his residence in Offa, Offa local government area of the state, Senator Ashiru, who is also the Senate Majority Leader, said that there are so much to be done by the local people themselves to stem the tide, “because local people understand insecurity than government. They have a lot to contribute to solving the problem”.

The senator who, however, said that the local people needed to be assisted and empowered in that regard, added that, “There are so much resources needed to push insecurity out of the area”.

The Senate Majority Leader, who expressed optimism that the problem would soon be a thing of the past, mulled establishment of an organized security network to combat the challenge.

“In a matter of two three months, there’ll be a new dynamics and relationship between the community and the people as well as organized security establishment in Kwara South in general.

“There had been a lot of efforts by Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq. He had initiated a lot of processes that have brought a simitude of solution, but this has to be sustained. And it can’t be sustained if it’s not localized. It can’t be sustained if there’s no participation of the local people in fight against insecurity”, he said.

Ashiru, who said that insecurity is a thing of concern to him and all Nigerians, added that he had met with stakeholders in the area to fashion ways to stem the tide.

“We’ve had productive briefing from the local people on modalities to tackle the problem. I’m also talking for members of the two House of Representatives and 10 House of Assembly members. There were lots of takeaways from the meeting.

“We’ve tried to understand architecture of insecurity, pattern of occurrence of insecurity incidents in the area, those who are participating in insecurity and how much the three tiers of government are doing.

“Insecurity in Kwara South will be brought down to a manageable level with projects and programmes. I can assure you”, he said.

Also, Senator Ashiru has advocated for the location of the proposed Kwara State University of Education in Oro, Irepodun local government.

“The importance of Education in any society cannot be overemphasized, it is the bedrock of any society. I was very happy when the Mall. Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq came up with the idea, because it’ll go a long way in bridging the educational and human resources deficit we’re grappling with.

“Kwara is matured enough to own even more Universities, because education is key, to our developmental dreams.

“While all the 3 Senatorial Districts are eminently qualified to host the proposed University of Education. I will advocate for it to be sited in College of Education, Oro, Irepodun LG. Because they already have all the needed infrastructure to support the establishment.

“The current College of Education, Oro has infrastructure and facilities to accommodate the University” he added.