Breaking: Kaduna Governor Inspects Mass Housing Project for Half a Million underprivileged


Kaduna State Governor, Uba Sani, flanked by key government officials has conducted a comprehensive inspection of the Mass Housing for the Less Privileged project at Millennium City in Kaduna on Sunday afternoon.

The housing project initiative was spearheaded by Qatar Charity following an agreement with the Governor Sani administration months ago.

The governor expressed satisfaction with the steady progress witnessed so far, during the visit.

The ongoing project, part of the Qatar Sanabil Project, envisions the construction of 100 houses in its first phase, the governor said.

“Additionally, the development will feature essential amenities such as clinics, shops, poultry farms, and farmlands for both rainy season and irrigation farming. However, the flagship of the Qatar Sanabil Project is the Kaduna Economic City, poised to transform the region with world-class infrastructure, ensuring modern and affordable accommodation, robust security, and a conducive atmosphere for flourishing business activities,” the Governor added.

Governor Uba Sani however, shared his contentment with the pace of work on his social media account, highlighting the positive trajectory of the Mass Housing Project and the broader vision of the Qatar Sanabil Project for Kaduna’s future.