Rotary Club Renovates Toilet Facilities In GSS Tundun Wada, Abuja


By Blessing Bature

In an effort to improve hygiene and  the wellbeing of students in Federal Capital Territory, the Rotary Club of Asokoro has renovated toilet facilities in GSS Tundun Wada, Wuse zone 4 Abuja as parts of its numerous humanitarian projects.

The President, Rotary club of Asokoro, Rotarian Adesuwa Agbontaen said he is excited that under his watch as the president of the club, he has been able to make impact in improving the quality of life of the students of the school, their wellbeing, self worth, sense of importance,  by providing them a beautiful toilet facility that is properly done, and one that’s close to the ones in their homes.

Agbontaen said the club will constantly visit the school to ensure that the facility is well maintained and to intervene where necessary and promised to work with district governor and partners to bring water to the school.

While charging the school to take proper care of the project, he encouraged the students to know as they grow that life is about service, they should make out time, resources and talent to serve humanity, become agents of change wherever they are and contribute to solutions of our problems. And reiterated continuous partnership with the school to do project that will serve humanity.

Commissioning the project, the District Governor, Rotary International District 9125, Rotarian Sagab Sani Ahmed said Rotary club has been in the forefront of championing hygiene culture and that’s why most Rotarians do projects mostly in areas of water, sanitation and hygiene, the  intention is to ensure that the spreads of infections are reasonably contained as much as possible.

While congratulating the principal on getting the recommendation for this project to be done in his school, he urged that its properly maintained so that they will be encouraged to bring more projects to the school, that most times the problems we always have in our society is the challenge of maintenance culture, you may have a good facility but without proper maintenance it will not stand a test of time, and asked that what is given to them is well maintained so that it will last long.

And thanked the rotary club for executing the project and encouraged them to continue to monitor all her projects to ensure its sustenance as much as possible.

Appreciating the club, the Principal GSS Tundun Wada, Ogunsaki Abiodun said the rotary club has been meeting their needs in many areas and promised to supervise the maintenance of the facility given to them.

According to him, the state of the toilet was a very bad one, at a point they had to resolve to open defecation, and pit toilet and today everywhere is looking sparkling courtesy of Rotary club of Asokoro, and cautioned the students not put any stain on the facility or write anything on them, or nickname and if  cut they will buy a bucket of paint to the school.

Abiodun also informed that good members of the rotary club has promised to pay scholarship to 60 students in the school and names has been submitted to the Rotarians concern   and expressed his deep gratitude to them and prayed God to continue to bless them as they continue to impact on humanity.